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Create an indoor look for outdoors

Builders looks at the latest landscape trends that reflect a desire to bring the indoors outside, creating a comfortable landscape that is both functional and beautiful.


With this trend also comes a renewed sense of preserving the earth and its ecosystems. Builders explores some of the trends that you can expect garden enthusiasts to adopt this year:





Fully customised outdoor living spaces:

With more and more people choosing to entertain outdoors, outside landscapes have become as important as the indoors, complete with furniture and appliances. This goes beyond your basic decks and patios, as outside areas now also boast full-service kitchens, complete with ovens and grills, dining rooms featuring fireplaces and fire pits, and homeowners theming their spaces to fit their interests.

Eco-friendly and native gardens:

Naturescaping is one trend that landscapers will continue to implement in 2016 to attract birds, insects and wildlife to their outdoor spaces. With many people choosing to really go green this year, the installation of solar-powered lighting and energy-efficient LED lights is just another way landscapers are contributing to greener environmentally sound landscapes. The easier the landscapes are to maintain, the better, as homeowners continue to migrate to low-maintenance (but still aesthetically pleasing) landscapes.

Lighted and high-tech landscapes:

Some of the ways that gardens are created these days, is by furnishing them with creative and functional lighting, as well as by adding technological enhancements. This includes dramatic and boldly coloured lights, twinkling accent lighting in walkways, backyard Wi-Fi, as well as TV installations.

Edible landscapes:

The demand for low-maintenance, container gardens has grown in popularity as they require very little care. Not only can this trend be implemented in homes, but it can also be developed in neighbourhoods and community residences. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and even an array of wild mushrooms add texture and colour variety to landscapes, while providing a fresh supply of delicious ingredients.

Freshwater features:

Another 'green' trend for 2016, is managing storm water. This is why you will see rain barrels, rain gardens and stone water retaining features in most landscapes. Not only do they serve an important purpose in collecting, cleaning or stopping water, but they have become the focal point in many landscapes.