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Add moonlight to your garden

Add soft illumination to your outdoor spaces with the Moonlight Globe. These beautiful orbs add atmosphere and light to any garden, patio, pool deck or entertainment area, or can simply be used for contemporary decor.


Note to readers: It would appear that the moonlight globe is no longer available for purchase locally in South Africa.

Moonlight globes provide plenty of light for outdoor entertaining and are available in various sizes, shapes or colours. You can even have moonlight globes that float in pools, ponds and water features to cast soft lighting throughout the garden.

Floating lights illuminate ponds, pools or lakes with an enchanting shine. The floating lights may also be used in seawater. They come with a 12 V IP65 power supply unit. The standard cable length is 10 or 20 m; special lengths are optionally available and anchoring ropes are included. 





Of the various models available you can select cordless or corded, depending upon your particular requirements.

Moonlight globes are manufactured from polyethylene for a shatterproof lighting option that is designed to be waterproof and durable

The moonlight globe design uses energy-saving lamps and are also available in 12 V low voltage. Top this off with features such as UV stability, longevity and watertightness and you have the perfect lighting for outdoors.

You can chose between a white surface (standard), solid-coloured, structured stone-look or daylight colour surfaces.

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