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The Top 7 Websites for DIY Landscaping Tips

If you love DIY landscaping, you'll LOVE this list of the 7 best DIY landscaping websites, tips, tutorials and more!


The Top 7 Websites for DIY Landscaping Tips

If you love DIY landscaping, you'll LOVE this list of the 7 best DIY landscaping websites, tips, tutorials and more!

You could outsource your landscaping work to somebody else— or you could DIY.

Imagine your hands sifting through healthy soil, planting here, weeding there. Laying stones down to produce a beautiful walkway; spreading mulch. Watching flowers grow and vines spread towards the light.

With the weather warming up, now's the perfect time to spend a day in the sun, wide-brimmed hat and gloves on. DIY landscaping is a project you can cultivate year-round—and it's a more affordable way to beautify your home than hiring pros.

But if you've never done it, you may be wondering, Where can I gather inspiration for my garden? What websites offer tips, tricks, and ideas?

We've considered the very same thing. That's why we're offering a list of the seven best landscaping websites for your future flora!

DIY Landscaping Websites Worth Digging into

These sites offer DIY tips, garden inspiration, and more. Give them a perusing before tackling your own project.

1. Better Homes & Gardens

The name says it all! BHG offers an array of tips to make your home and garden look as good as possible.

They even offer a Do-It-Yourself Landscaping guide that answers some of the following questions:

• Do you have what it takes to DIY your yard?
• What style best suits you?
• How much would it cost to outsource vs. DIY?
• How can you balance calculated decisions with impulse decisions?
• How can you set up an affordable landscaping budget?

These are great questions to ask yourself before beginning your green thumb journey. This guide will help you decide if you're willing (and able) to take on the expenses, work, and research.

2. Backyard Oasis

These professional landscapers based out of Texas have a website rife with inspiration. Their focus is on making your backyard an oasis.

With unique features, relaxing pools, and custom patio designs, you'll be at no loss for ideas.

A pool is an excellent addition to any backyard, especially if you're in a state like Texas (or Florida, or Alabama, or. . . anywhere). From infinity pools to lap pools and lazy rivers, your yard's chill vibes will flourish!

For additional information on how long it takes to build a pool, visit this website.

3. DIY Network

What better place to learn about DIY landscaping than the DIY Network?

To navigate there from their homepage, go to the Outdoors section. From there, they offer a DIY landscaping page. This page provides thoughts on any of the following things:

• Ponds and water features
• Curb appeal (one more significant benefit of landscaping)
• Lawn care
• Trees, shrubs, and perennials
• Outdoor lighting
• Fire pits

They've thought of it all. From something simple like mulching to the lesser-thought-of factors like your mailbox! They also provide galleries and videos, perfect for the visual learner.

4. The Dirt by the American Society of Landscape Architects

Who better to learn about landscaping from than the ASLA?

What's the dirt on landscaping? What's trending (or not) in their world? This blog covers it all, from climate-smart landscapes to news highlights of the week.

If you want a little depth with your gardening project, check out the goings-on on this website. That way you'll not only have a beautiful backyard, but you'll understand all the benefits of it, too.


Yes, really. After all, the website born from the TV channel was named for Home & Garden Television. Of course they've got plenty of tips to help you get started.

One article you've got to check out? The secret tricks and tips that landscapers use to beautify a yard. They offer 14 individual snippets of useful information—like three different, actionable ways to use a tarp.

They also offer season-specific articles like spring lawn care tips or spring garden tools.

6. The Seasoned Homemaker

Do you need some landscaping tips for beginners? Of course, you do! That's why you're here.

The Seasoned Homemaker offers some impressive, useful tips, covering any of the following:

• How to not go broke while working on your project
• How to understand the difference between your needs and wants
• How to consider the elements (water, wind, sun)
• Some info on design elements
• Key terms you'll encounter throughout your DIY landscaping project
• Unique ideas for thinking "outside the bed"
From one homemaker to another, you'll enjoy learning about mistakes to avoid as well as essential considerations.

7. Money Crashers

Want to beautify your garden without breaking the bank? Is that even a possibility? With money-savvy tips from Money Crashers, it just may be!

Some of our favorite money-saving tips from them include the following:

• Mixing soil with homemade compost (which you can make at home with coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels, etc.)
• Considering easy-maintenance ground covers like thyme or bishop's weed (as opposed to standard grass)
• Start with young plants and trees and grow them up (more affordable than already-established, older trees)
• Buy plants, trees, shrubs, etc., at season's end, when deals and discounts are rampant
• Choose perennial flowers like alstroemeria or catmint for year-round beauty

DIY landscaping is a huge undertaking. Don't drown in the costs before it's complete!

Last but Not Least

DIY landscaping takes some research and some effort, but a flourishing garden is your reward! Spend a day in your backyard oasis, and you won't regret one minute of the planning it took to get there.

Did we forget to mention? We offer a ton of tips and information on gardening and landscaping, too.

Save we'll save you a step—everything you need is right in front of you. Click here to learn about anything from laying a concrete path to making a functional rock river bed!



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