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What is the Best Fence Option for a Property?

A fence that surrounds a property, whether just at the front or the back or the entire property, is not just for safety but it can also add even more curb appeal to a home.






A property that is fenced can be decorative and offer an element of security. A fence can be installed to protect your children from wandering around, it can help to deter animals that might otherwise be a nuisance and it can also add curb appeal to a front yard and add a finishing touch to a backyard. Finding the right fencing solution should be based on your wants and needs.



Installing a fence can also serve as a deterrent to unwanted intruders and, even if it is only a medium-height fence, it will still make burglars and trespassers think twice!



From days gone by, the dream for many has always been the perfect home with a white, picket fence. It has become a tradition for many to find that house in the suburb that has it all and is perfect for a family.









DIY Fence or Professional Installation?

When it comes to fencing and the installation of a fence, you can decide to take the DIY route and save a few bucks, or you have a fence company come out and do the installation for you. This decision will primarily be made based on the budget you have to spend and the type of fence you want to have installed. Click here to find your nearest fence company.



Take a look at some fence options to consider for your property:


Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is an installation that is used to provide privacy for a specific area in a garden, for example to block off a patio or porch or to hide an unattractive feature such as a pool pump, air conditioner or refuse bins. The height of a privacy fence is generally determined by whatever it is that requires privacy or disguising. You can also use a privacy fence to section off an area where it is safe for children to play. If you have an above or below-ground swimming pool or Jacuzzi, a privacy fence can be used to close off this area for safety's sake. And lastly, it is quick and easy to build a privacy fence.





Boundary Fence

As the name denotes, a boundary fence is used to section off a particular area or plot of land. This type of fence is placed along the boundary line, preferably on your side if you are not sharing costs with a neighbour and you will need to obtain the plans for the property for ensure the correct placing.





Picket Fence

More decorative than anything else, a picket fence is a low to medium-high fence that surrounds a yard front or back. There are many different styles of picket fencing, and your choice will be determined either by what you find at your local hardware store or what you can make yourself.









Fence Materials

Fences are traditionally made using timber but nowadays there are other longer-lasting and more durable materials that can be used for fencing.



  • Wood fencing has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice as a fencing material. If properly maintained on a regular basis, wood fencing can look good for many years before it needs replacing.
  • Bamboo has become a sought-after sustainable and organic material that is ideal for fencing. It is durable and requires very little in the way of maintenance.
  • Wrought iron fencing, more commonly referred to as Palisade Fence, is another solution that can add style and elegance to a front or backyard. Although more expensive that most timber types, it will endure a long time and only require occasional maintenance.
  • Electric fencing is aimed more towards properties that need to be protected, either from wild animals in the area or as a safety deterrent. This type of fence must be constantly maintained to be effective.
  • Chicken-wire or wire fencing is a fairly inexpensive solution for larger properties but it can be an eyesore if not maintained. Many homeowners add creepers and climbers on this type of fence to make it less obvious and more aesthetically appealing.






Choosing the right fencing can be a difficult decision but if you make your choice based on what you need and your personal preferences, you shouldn't go wrong. Look for a fencing material that enhances your home or one that is a deterrent to pests or intruders.







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