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How to paint palisade fencing

When you go to the expense of installing palisade fencing around your home, you want it to not only provide security but look good too.

Because palisade fencing is generally made of steel - it requires regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Here are some tips from Plascon Metalcare on painting and maintaining a palisade fence.

Use Plascon RemovALL or paint stripper to remove all flaking and peeling paint. Any rust can be treated by using Rust-Oleum Rust Stripper or Polycell End Rust. Note that a rust remover/converter should not be used on galvanised iron.

On walls with palisade panels, place newspaper under the fencing to prevent drips and runs.





Apply a degreasing product to the fence and rinse well with clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. This removes oil, grease and grime from surfaces.

Use a paint brush to apply Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Primer for an extremely high protective barrier. The unique red oxide formulation gives great protection against metal corrosion and degradation.

Start at the top of the fencing and work your way down. That way you take care of any drips or runs.

Finish your fence off with 2 coats of Plascon Waterbased Enamel for a durable long-lasting and chalk-resistant finish.
Plascon Waterbased Enamel is available in a wide range of tinted colours.

Regular maintenance will ensure the lifespan of your palisade fencing and it's important to repair paint chips as quickly as possible to prevent the formation of rust. Keep the base of your palisade fencing clear of obstacles that may prevent the normal flow of water.

Puddles around the base of the fence will eventually cause paint to peel and rust to set in. Where rust stops occur - take the necessary steps as soon as possible.


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