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Why Awnings are Important for a Home

If you are investigating ways to cool down your home or patio during the hot summer months, think about installing an awning.


Awnings are an easy way to provide shade for your home or your patio. Generally manufactured using canvas or treated vinyl, awnings can be fitted to windows, doors and openings to provide shade by limiting the amount of sunlight into a space. You can install awnings over windows or glass doors if you want to prevent damage to upholstered fabrics and textiles, or you can have awnings fitted to cool down the interior of a home and reduce air conditioner costs.

Protect Furnishings

In a climate where our homes are bombarded with UV light for most of the year, an awning can be installed to provide a certain amount of shade over windows and serve to protect upholstered fabrics, carpets, laminate flooring and such from fading due to long exposure to sunlight. Not only that, constant sunlight can also damage expensive artwork and fine furniture and fittings.

Window and door awnings are ideal if you only want to block out sunlight during the hottest part of the day, and these types of awnings can be bought from R600 upwards, depending on the size.





Increase Living Space

If you are wanting to have an outdoor area that flows from indoors to outdoors, an awning is the ideal way to provide different levels of shade. When installed on a patio or deck area, awnings provide ample shade for when you spend time outdoors and give you the added advantage of an outdoor living area that is cool enough for outdoor dining and entertaining.







Protect Your Family

Having a shady area where you can retreat to during the hottest time of the day protects you and your family from the dangers of too much exposure to harmful sunlight, and this is even more important now when our summer sun is at its hottest and most damaging.

If your children have a play area, a paddling pool or a sandpit, an awning will protect them as they play and reduce the risk of sunburn or worse.

Save On Cooling Costs

Having an awning fitted means that your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard to keep your home interior cool. This results in a saving of around 60% off your monthly electric bill - great news when electricity costs are rising.





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