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Disguise or cover vibracrete or precast concrete walls

Vibracrete or precast walls can be an eyesore, or at least an unattractive feature. Planting colourful shrubs is just one of the ways to hide vibracrete walls, and in this feature we look at easy and child-friendly ways to  disguise and cover up vibracrete walls.

Cover up vibracrete or precast concrete walls with a wood climbing frame or play area.

Rubber mats provide a soft landing for play areas, or consider installing Belgotex artificial turf available at your local Builders Warehouse.





Use PAR pine to create a comfortable and safe play area for young children and cover up a precast concrete wall at the same time!

Create a colourful kiddies garden area by adding pine trellis panels to vibracrete precast concrete walls. Let the kids plant their own annuals or grow small veggies and herbs in pots mounted onto the frames.

Reclaimed wood planks can be mounted onto vibracrete or precast concrete walls to add a soft, natural look to an outdoor space.

Shop around for the best timber prices. The hardware store on the corner isn't always your best option if you need to buy in bulk. Do some online research for timber merchants in your area to cut down on the cost if you want to add timber panels to cover concrete walls.

A panel of fibre cement board and a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray and you can keep the kids occupied for hours on end - and cover up an unsightly vibracrete or precast concrete wall. Plus, you don't have to worry about chalk dust in the house!

If your kids love to create with paint why not let them design a colourful feature wall for the garden.

Don't let walls go to waste in a small garden. Some climbing frames placed against walls and you can grow climbing and tall home grown veggies.

Or what about building a living wall and filling up with colourful textured plants. Love this idea for a small garden or courtyard with precast concrete walls.

If you love hunting for reclaimed materials, this gardenscape incorporates a variety of found materials to create a rustic feature that perfectly disguises vibracrete or precast concrete walls.

Climbing, creeping or tall elegant plants have always been a great way to hide an ugly concrete wall. Make sure to ask for advice at your local garden centre or nursery. There are varieties of climbers and creepers, as well as bamboo, that can eventually take over.

Sometimes it is better to work with the obvious. Rather than try to hide an ugly wall, make it a feature. A few affordable accessories are all you need to turn a blank wall into an eye-catching area. 

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