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The power of solar lighting

South Africa has an abundance of sunny weather, making it the perfect location for harnessing the power of the sun with solar lighting.


South Africa offers the perfect climate for harnessing solar power. With our extended months of sunlight throughout the year we should take more advantage of this free energy source.  One way to cut down your monthly electricity bill is to light up your garden with solar lighting.

Solar power is the conversion of light into electricity via photovoltaic and this discovery now allows a homeowner to bring free power into the home, reducing energy costs and powering your home with a sustainable and green alternative to power supplied on the grid.





Solar lighting for the garden

Solar lighting is practical for any garden, since these little powerhouses absorb solar energy during the daytime and use this in the evenings to light up your garden, highlight landscaped features, or light up paths and walkways.

Lighting paths or driveway

Solar lights are an affordable way to light up outdoor spaces, particularly where the cost of municipal power can be costly and the ability to install conventional electrical-powered lighting is prohibitive. The price of solar powered lights has dropped in the last couple of years, so its definitely a solution to choose if you are looking for a low maintenance, DIY options that reduces your footprint.

Most solar lights, especially garden lights, operate on a single solar cell and while this produces a low voltage, installing a row of these lights will provide enough illumination for paths and driveways.

Solar lighting is also good news for those renting their homes, since they are completely portable and can be taken with you when you move on.

How does solar lighting work?

Garden lights that operate on a single solar cell produce a low voltage. These solar cells are wired directly to a battery through a diode, which prevents the current from the battery from flowing back through the solar cell at night. For adequate lighting in the garden, place a row of solar lights around the edge of flower beds.

During the day, the battery charges, then at night, the solar cells stop producing power and a photo-resistor turns on the LED light that is your solar garden light.

Solar garden lights operate for free!

One of the best advantages to solar outdoor lights is that, after the initial cost to purchase they operate for free and solar garden lights are easy to install, which means you don't have to fork out money to have them installed.

With so many designs available, solar garden lights allow you to light specific locations; use to light pathways or to add ambience to a patio or deck, or place solar garden lights around your pool. You can use solar garden lights to best effect when looking to highlight certain areas in your garden and give focal points to outdoor areas.

Buy solar lights from a reputable dealer

There many kinds of solar outdoor lights available nowadays and they are available in attractive designs and styles to suit your home and personal preference. DO purchase your solar garden lights from a reputable lighting store or buy solar lights online at Builders Warehouse. Make your solar lighting has a warranty period, so that you can return them should a problem occur. Keep in mind that cheap alternatives may not last and you will spend more money on replacing these.