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How to bring romantic vibes to your garden

There are many brilliant ideas on how to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in a garden.


Having a small detached house is almost everyone’s dream. It would be ideal if this house also had a beautiful back garden to while away in there. Being successful enough, you can make this dream come true. Then, you’ll need some ideas on how to design both the house and the garden. Whereas many people hire an interior designer to help them build and decorate the house, they usually can’t afford for a landscape gardener. But, you don’t have to be a professional to design a pretty yard. For most people, this place should serve as their heaven on earth where they can freely get a break from their busy and stressful lives.

To make this sanctuary unique, you can always bring romantic vibes to it through an appropriate selection of florals, a waterfall design, or fairy lights. There are many brilliant ideas on how to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in this place of rest.

A private entrance

If you have quite a big garden, you can consider building an entrance, preferably with the lock, so that not everyone could enter your private space. It would create a kind of magical atmosphere as if it were “The Secret Garden”. The gate could be wrapped either in ivy or vines, which will add an additional charm to the yard. Not only would it look nice, but it would also symbolise your sense of freedom and intimacy. Thanks to that, you won’t have any unwelcome strangers in your surroundings, and you’ll have a free choice of your companions.


Creating a romantic climate in your garden will be possible thanks to, for example, winding alleys. They will bring some mystery to your place since you won’t be able to look over the whole area at once, but instead you’ll have to explore each and every recess. It’ll give you the possibility of discovering your oasis of calm anew every time while walking around. After all, the garden doesn’t have to be associated only with lying around in your comfortable swing chair, or hammock. It may also be a great opportunity to go for a walk and get some fresh air.


Another crucial element of every garden is its flora. It should be, however, planned carefully and reasonably. Firstly, the location and organisation of the flower beds should be taken into consideration. Plants and flowers should be chosen by shapes and colours so that they would fit one another.

The most romantic connotations have probably lavender and a rose. This latter could be white to represent purity and innocence, or red to symbolise love and passion. The choice is up to you and your floral preferences. However, while planting them, you should remember about order and harmony. So, stick to simplicity and delicate pastel colours. Also, keep in mind that all these plants emit different scents, so don’t overwhelm your sense of smell with too many strong fragrances.


A pleasant and romantic addition to your garden will be a small waterfall. It can be slightly more expensive, but it’s worth investing in it when you desire to feel like in a fairy tale. Choose the proper place to exhibit your treasure. It can be the middle of the garden so that it would be easily noticeable by all your guests. The sound of dripping water drops will carry you to a forest, which can be created in your own backyard. You can also play another soft classical music to accompany all these natural sounds produced by nature.


Finally, to bring some romantic vibes to your garden, you can install, for instance, fairy lights around the gazebo. Although they are believed to be appropriate only during Christmas, it’s no longer true. More and more people hang such lights and cotton balls both in their gardens and interiors to deck their space.

Lights can also take the form of some lanterns and candles placed in the corners of your garden. Their glow will brighten every moony night. Today, there are even different types of scented candles which may deter swarms of insects flying around you at night when you have a barbecue with your friends.

Overall, designing your garden isn’t as tricky and challenging as it may seem at the very beginning. What you need is a precise plan and some creative ideas, ready to put into practice on your own, or with a little help from your family and friends. You don’t have to follow all these tips if you dream about a romantic garden. You may choose only some of them. The most important things are your own imagination and creativity. Only then will you feel real satisfaction and happiness while being flat on your back in a lovely garden, designed by yourself. This achievement would become your fierce pride.  



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