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Affordable Ideas for a setting up a Seating Area with Firepit

With cooler weather on the horizon, it's time to start giving some thought to setting up a permanent area where you can enjoy evenings all year round with a firepit and seating.


A small steel firepit in the garden is just the thing for cooler evenings outdoors. Even though winter is just on the horizon, doesn't mean you have to stay indoors if you set up a comfortable seating area and a small firepit. Invite your friends around for dop and a tjop and relax outdoors in a cosy atmosphere where you can relax and have fun.







Set on a slight slope, an empty corner in a small garden is transformed from a blank space into a welcoming area where family and friends can get together to sit and relax no matter the temperature. Large sandstone blocks are used to create terraced seating that also serves to level out the sloped area. Other elements such as timber decking and smooth river pebbles add texture and colour to the space to turn it into the perfect spot for chilly evenings by the fire, or simply a place to sit and relax.

Having identified the perfect spot for setting up the seating area, one that is also close to the back entrance and kitchen of the home, the area is dug out to create a level area that can be set up. Quite a bit of digging needs to happen to make sure that everything will be flat and that the different elements, such as the timber pathways, will be at the perfect height.

It is important to have a plan for your design, especially when removing a lot of dirt, as is the case with this project. Unless you have somewhere else in the garden where you can place the dug out soil, you need to make arrangements to have it removed. If your landscaping project includes the addition or removal of large elements, as with the large sandstone blocks used in this design, there will need to be access to remove or bring these into position without too much hassle.







If you need to hire specialist tools or equipment, don't forget that you can organise these with Talisman Hire whilst at your local Builders store.

If you are unable to source large, cut sandstone blocks, consider gabions filled with smaller, less cumbersome sandstone rocks.







Take into consideration the elements that will be used to complete the project. While the sandstone blocks are square-cut, the rough cutting softens the edges, and the hardness is further offset with the addition of smooth, rounded river pebbles and timber accessories.

 A gabion is a wire cage or frame that is set in place and then filled with rocks. Mostly used in landscaping design, gabions are ideal for terraced areas to define different levels.

Builders have a selection of firepits that you can choose from that range in price depending on size and design.

Think about adding greenery that further adds a textural touch to the finished design, like the feathered grass that is interspersed with larger pebbles that are laid as the flooring for the seating area.



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