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Why you should install Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting to your outdoor area or garden lets you take full advantage of the space - during the day and in the evenings. But there's more...


While trees and shrubs, beds and borders, fountains and ponds generally take centre stage in a garden, during the evenings, landscape lighting can be used to bring more attention to other areas in the garden, allow you to enjoy your garden more in the evenings, and more...










Different From The Rest

While garden plants get more attention during the daytime, installing landscape lighting lets you switch attention to specific features and enhance the appearance of your home. I often walk down the street in my neighbourhood, and there was one house in particular that always stood out. Even though all the houses are identical in design and shape, this house was lit by landscape lighting in particular areas to highlight particular details and let the house stand out. Since the house was sold a few years back, that sight has now reverted to being just the same as every other house on the street and I kind of miss how it used to look.

Landscape lighting is excellent for highlighting features and architectural details that let your home be different from the rest. You can create a wonderful sense of drama with landscape lighting, as well as boosting evening curb appeal.







Spend More Time Outdoors

Simply by installing a few light bollards, wall sconces or solar spotlights, you can increase the functionality of your garden and outdoor areas. Solar lighting lets you have free energy at your fingertips and to use this as a way to highlight aspects outdoors, whether it be a paved entertainment area, a seating area where you sit and relax, or a pathway that leads you through the garden. Landscape lighting allows you to increase your indoor living space and spend more time relaxing outdoors on cool evenings.

Be Safe At Home

South African are world leaders when it comes to home security. After all, we have hidden behind burglar bars and security gates for many decades. But wouldn't it be nice to have a bit more freedom? Freedom that can be gained by lighting up the perimeter and exterior of a property brightly enough to deter those that would intrude.

Outdoor lighting, set up to illuminate the exterior of a home or a fence or wall surrounding the property will go a long way towards making your home less desirable as a target. A well-lit garden or outdoor area provides far fewer hiding spots and make it difficult for criminals to enter during the night time.

Not only will installing landscape lighting add a further level of security to a home, but it also provides personal safety for your family and friends. Steps or stairs, ponds and pool - all will be less of a hazard when well lighted, reducing the risk of injury.

Whatever type of landscape lighting you are looking for, be it bollards, bulkheads or solar spotlights, your local Builders has a wide selection of designs to choose from. With such a large range of options, you get to choose the lighting that works best for your particular situation - whether you have an electrician wire up for exterior lighting, or simply buy and install solar lighting for your outdoors.



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