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Create the ultimate She Shed

Discover how to create your very own 'She Shed' at Decorex Joburg this August.


Find out how you can get a chance to find the ultimate #livingdream space in your own back garden by simply transforming that unused storage or tool shed into a comfortably inviting She Shed.

Man Caves have had a lot of attention over the years, but we are now seeing a turn towards the feminine side with the introduction of She Sheds - a unique space dedicated to the individual needs and preferences of each women, be it for recreation, rest or fun.. More and more women are looking for a safe hideaway with the extended comfort of home.





There are many homeowners who can admit to having an outdoor shed which serves little or no purpose other than as an extravagant museum to unused tools or gardening paraphernalia. The desire to de-clutter this wasted space is always at the bottom of the to-do list, primarily because it quickly reverts back to its former mess. However, when converted into a desirable She Shed, it becomes a useful part of the home.

Even for those that don’t have a garden shed, it is possible to buy a simple garden shed or small wendy house structure - or make your own - and create your own cosy nook following some simple guidelines.

Decide on the purpose

Before you begin the project, it’s important to decide on the purpose of your She Shed. If you’re an avid gardener, then consider converting it into a potting shed complete with the necessary tools and plants. For hobbyists, shelves for storage of equipment would be encouraged while those just looking for somewhere to retreat could consider lounge furniture and bookshelves.

A fresh coat of paint

If you're glamping an old garden shed, after the mandatory clean out and wash down, paint the entire shed – including the floors - a bright hue to breathe new life into the space. Lighter colours will also go a long way towards visually increasing the perceived size. White is always a classic colour choice, but other hues that work well include calming, soft muted blues or pale yellow.

Add a touch of nature

The beauty of the She Shed is its connection with both the home and the natural world. The healing power of nature has inspired the current Urban Jungle trend so try bringing in pot plants, incorporating grassy plants, vines and flowered window boxes or bring floral prints into this sanctuary for a calming ambience.

Affordable treasures

Shop around for bargains and great secondhand finds. Decorating your She Shed is a great excuse to visit local flea markets and antique stalls for interesting and unexpected furnishing finds.

Cosy and comfortable

Any She Shed should be somewhere you love spending time, so it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. A sofa bed or day bed topped with fluffy cushions, soft lighting and a rug for comfort underfoot will make this a really special space.

Inside and out

Make your She Shed a soothing space. It's easy to add whimsical touches by hanging attractive curtains and perhaps even fairy lights.

Personal touches

Introduce your own personality to the She Shed. There's no right or wrong way to decorate, as long as it reflects you. As your interests and needs change, so should your She Shed. It’s worth taking a step back every year and analysing if the space is still what you want. If not, change it up. The She Shed needs to be user-friendly and should adapt as you do.