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Check Out this Amazing Garden Makeover

Many homeowners have a long, narrow garden, but see how you can transform this uninspiring space into a functional outdoor living and entertainment area.



There are many homes, particularly townhouse and ground floor apartments, that have a long, narrow garden where homeowners find it hard to see potential in the space. But see how you can transform this uninspiring spot in the garden into a functional outdoor living and entertainment area.







These homeowners wanted to create a place to sit and relax and still have a colourful and interesting garden. The long and narrow layout of the garden is accessed via an addition to the main house and is the sole outdoor area. Not only was a lot of thought given to how the area could be used to maximum benefit, but also how it would look when viewed from the main house.



The shed at the bottom of the garden was used to house garden tools and implements, but other than that it was wasted space not being used to its full potential. The decision to incorporate this into the garden design was a clever one that only required some minor repairs, sanding down and painting the entire structure, both inside and out to turn a garden shed into a relaxing summer house that would add to the entertainment area.



As you can see from the before and after (above and below), the addition of raised beds not only allows for colourful planting at eye level but it also frames the narrow area and makes it more interesting once the beds are planted up with colourful wildflowers and perennials.







The raised beds also lift the planting to a height that makes the garden feel less cluttered and compact, still leaving enough space for a dining table and chairs for al fresco dining and entertaining.



Raised planter beds were made using affordable breeze blocks which were plastered and painted into a neutral colour that would fade into the background once the space was filled with furniture. To further enhance the area set aside for entertainment, large black natural stone slabs were laid to add a finishing touch and further delineate the area and separate it from the rest of the garden.








The overall garden design now features a large rustic table and chairs found on eBay and revamped for the occasion. The table top was stripped to remove the existing paint and then bleached and left out in the sun to dry before sealing with a matt exterior polyurethane. The legs of the table where painted in the same colour that was used to paint the she shed. 



The interior of the new summer house is decorated in an eclectic mix of Boho style with items found on online auction sites and eBay to create a comfortable space to sit and relax and take in the garden.


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