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Create a Calm and Relaxing Garden Nook

In my garden, I have arranged a couple of hanging basket chairs for a place where me and hubby can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the surrounding trees and shrubs or read on our Kindles.



If you have the luxury of a garden, even a small one, there's nothing nicer than setting up a calm and relaxing space for a garden nook. It is the perfect way to take time out of your everyday schedule and forget about your worries, even for a short time.

Planning and setting out a garden nook isn't a difficult project, nor is it an expensive one with some careful planning, but everyone should have a space where they can retreat to when times get a little tough.

For those thinking about the option to have a relaxing space in the garden, we put together a few practical ideas to get you started on your plan.







Interesting foliage and scented flowers make for an interesting view for a cosy spot hidden out of sight in the garden.




The location for a garden nook, although driven by the size of a garden, should be one that has protection from the wind and be in a dappled spot that will stay cool during the hotter hours of the day. It would also be great if the garden nook could be in a location that is quiet and peaceful, so not too close to a busy road. Take a look around the garden to determine the best position - at all times of the day, before you spend any time or money.

If you don't have much of a garden but have a courtyard that would serve as a garden nook, you could look at decorating bare brick or plaster walls with flowering climbers or vertical gardens. Both of these would immediately add interest to a bare space to make it feel more cosy.







Some form of shade is essential for a garden nook, especially if you plan of using it to full potential all year round.



Once you have the perfect location down, the next step would be to work on designing the space so that it is a comfortable and interesting space to spend time. While a view of an interesting garden feature or a view into your home would be nice, it isn't always possible. In this instances it's nice to add a few interesting plants around the nook to either offer more shade, provide an interesting feature, or to add subtle garden scents to the garden nook. No one wants to sit close to the compost heap or have a view of the pool pump, so give this some careful thought .


Perhaps you already have a few old pieces of furniture that will serve well for comfortable seating in a garden nook.



The pieces you use to decorate a garden nook will be determined by the size of the space and the mood you want to create. You don't have to fork out for new furniture unless you would prefer to, and mismatched furniture and secondhand bargains would work just as well, as would making a few pieces of furniture with reclaimed pallet wood, especially if you can pick this up for free.


You don't need to buy new furniture for your garden nook, secondhand finds can look charming in this type of setting and will add an interesting feature.


What you do want for your garden nook is furniture that is comfortable and can stay outside year-round, or can easily be packed away when you aren't going to be using it. We might not have hot days all year round, but sometimes our winter days can be warm and you will want to take advantage of the garden nook as much as possible throughout the year.







Something as simple as a wooden seat artfully arranged in a corner of the garden can provide a restful place to sit.





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