Paint Your Takkies or Sneakers with Acrylic Paint

Grab some pots of acrylic paint and a paintbrush and paint your takkies or sneakers for a fun way to put your best foot forward!

5 DIY Jewelry Ideas to Try Today

Are you looking for statement pieces of jewelry? Why don’t you try these DIY jewelry-making ideas today for unique and fabulous jewelry.

Paint Fashion Accessories and Textiles with Pilot Pintor Paint Pens

I have recently discovered the fun of being able to use Pilot Pintor paint pens to decorate accessories such as ceramics, glass and more.

Make A Jewellery Holder For Mother's Day

This jewellery holder is a great mother's day gift or make one for yourself to organise all your necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Custom Pendant using Pratley Steel Putty

Beat the lockdown blues by getting the entire family involved with making modern pendant necklaces using Pratley Putty!

The Art of Shibori Tie- and Dip-Dye

Tie-dye and dip-dye - both forms or Shibori - are a great way to bring life to home fabrics and decor accessories.

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Make Stylish Bags with plastic grocery bags

Make your own stylish bags using recycled waste plastic bags - a project you can easily do at home.

Make a designer clutch from recycled materials

Use recycled materials to make your own clutch bag for a special occasion.

Keep clothes on coat hangers

Everyone has clothes that always seem to slide off the coat hanger and this quick tip will ensure that all your clothes stay on the hanger.

Using pressed flowers for fashion accessories

Here's a nifty way to use fresh flowers and muslin or lightweight cotton to make your own fashion accessories or gifts.

Pebble and stone jewellery

If you own a Dremel Multitool and are looking for craft ideas that can make you money - try making your own pebble and stone jewellery.

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Homemade jewellery cleaner

Use baking powder to clean your jewellery when combined with sea salt and aluminium foil. The combination of these three ingredients creates what is known as ion transfer - a chemical process that can be used to clean jewellery.

Bracelet and bangle hanger

I made this bracelet hanger for all my bangles and bracelets. The design is very simple and I have provided different finishes in a wood tint or using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

Nail polish carousel

Nail polish usually ends up tossed into the bottom of drawers or crammed into a make up bag. With this Nail Polish Carousel you can have all your colourful bottles within easy reach.

Crafty Valentine's heart brooch

This crafty Valentine's heart brooch is so easy, the kids can make one for mom or for a sweetheart.

Paracord bracelet with personal stamped message

Paracord has become popular in jewellery making. In this tutorial we show you how to make a paracord bracelet that is a great present for anyone!

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Colourful painted tote bag

Make your own cotton tote bag or dress up a plain tote bag with a handmade stencil and some colourful acrylic craft paints.

Wire + Nail polish = enamelled flowers

These delicate enamelled flowers are easy to make once you master the technique, and would be perfect for anyone who likes making their own jewellery. Make enamelled flowers for bracelets and necklaces.

Fabric markers = Colourful takkies!

Sharpie pens are available in South Africa, and one of the fun products in the range are fabric markers. You can use Sharpie fabric markers on almost any fabric to add a colourful design to cushions, t-shirts and... takkies.

How to make an infinity scarf

You can make an infinity scarf from a t-shirt, or you can use any fabric that has stretch. After seeing how easy it is to make an infinity scarf you'll be chopping up old t-shirts and shopping for fabric scraps to make for yourself and your friends!

Make a birds nest necklace

These birds nest necklaces are gorgeous - and so simple to make. You can add different gemstones or birthstones for your BFFs.

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It's a wrap - perfect for on or off the beach

You don't need fancy sewing skills to be able to make this summer wrap. Hats off to the designer of this summer wraparound for the simple design that makes dressing for the beach a wrap!

Make a ring with nespresso foil cups

So following on from our feature on recycling nespresso cups and how to use those nespresso foil cups, here is a project that shows how to make a nespresso ring.

Make your own business card wallet

Show some personal style when handing out your business cards with one of these quick and easy business card wallets. You can also make up a few - they make great presents for family and friends.

Transform last season's woollies

There are so many ways to take last year's winter woollies and add a new spin on the look with a few embellishments or trim. Here are some great ideas that I can across on extending the life of your closet with hardly any effort at all.

Add some glitter to an old pair of ankle boots

This season don't just pop on a pair of boots - make a style statement with glitter and add pizzazz to those old boots. All you need is a can of  Rust-Oleum Glitter spray.

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Make a gorgeous suede bag in an hour

This stylish suede bag can be yours in an hour. It's a simple project that only requires one basic tool - a multi-hole punch that you can buy at craft and hobby stores, or a scrapbooking supply store.

Coat hanger becomes a scarf rack

If you have limited closet space, this is a fun and inexpensive hanger project for organizing your scarfs. This will allow them to stay organized and it will be easy to pick out your favorite scarf for the perfect outfit. Use plastic wire coat hangers to make a scarf rack for your closet.

Fabric rose necklace

This is a great idea for a Mother's Day gift, or a gift for any occasion. It's also a nice idea to gather your closest friends and have a girl's day. This fabric rose necklace is easy to make and looks stunning once finished.

Sterling silver rings from cutlery

If, like me, you enjoy browsing at secondhand shops and auctions, you'll know how easy it is to pick up sterling silver cutlery and flatware at bargain prices. Vintage sterling silver spoons can be framed and used for wall art, or repurposed into fashionable jewellery...

15-minute fringed t-shirt

I saved this fringe top to my pinterest a while ago because it looked like a DIY version that would be pretty simple. It wasn't until a fellow Pinterest fan commented on it, asking for a tutorial that I actually tried it out.

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Easy screen printing with embroidery hoops

Screen printing with old net curtains or nylon stockings is a fun and easy way to add detailing to plain cotton t-shirts and children's clothes, as well as add print onto fabric for making your own cushions, etc.

Make a pendant necklace using hex nuts

I love strolling through my local Builders Warehouse and constantly get ideas in the most unusual ways, but I do like this project by I try diy which uses hex nuts to make a pendant. If you're a DIY fanatic like me, you might appreciate this one...!

Gift idea - Paint a tote bag

Love these projects that transform a plain cotton tote bag into stylish accessories. This is an affordable DIY gift idea for any occasion and a unique idea for kitchen tea or baby shower gift bags.

Make a scarf for nothing...!

Dressing up for an occasion doesn't have to be something that takes hours and hours. This fabulous scarf is made from an old t-shirt, and will cost nothing to make, yet put a finishing touch to whatever you decide to wear.

Dress up an old pair of takkies

This project was originally intended to be a Kids Craft project, but I have an old pair of takkies that would look great painted in bright colours... so now this project is for grown-ups as well...!

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One piece of fabric... 12 outfits

I have just discovered The Bina for the first time. This amazing design is a single piece of fabric with a couple of slits and a few press studs, and with this single piece of fabric you can create 12 different outfits. You can buy online, or you can give it a try and make your own.

Jazz up a pair of flip-flops

Summer is here and it's great to be able to dress up casually in a pair of flip-flops. But flip-flops don't have to look like something you only wear at home. Here's a way to dress up your flip-flops and wear them almost anywhere.

No sew hem for jeans... for us shorties!

Does anyone else have the inconvenience of having to buy jeans that are too long? If you come in under 1,6 metre I am guessing you’re nodding yes.  I am happy to report I found a no-sew-required solution that actually looks great, and not like a hack job. 

Make your own jewellery with buttons

There are so many ways to make your own designer jewellery... and these days anything goes. Here's a selection of button necklaces, plus we have a link to show you how to make your own rolled paper beads.

Get creative with an old t-shirt

Who would ever guess that this colourful beach cover-up started out as a plain white T-shirt?  Just shows what a little imagination and clever cutting can do!  You can create this vibrant cover-up net dress by just snipping up a T-shirt and giving it a stunning dye treatment.

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Make fashion jewellery with porcelain clay buttons

In this feature you will find out how to make your own buttons using cold porcelain clay, whether for sewing and decor crafts, or for creating your own unique button bracelets.

Make cold porcelain clay

It's quite simple to make your old cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is an inexpensive, non-toxic, clay-like material that is easy to work with for small projects and substitutes bought products nicely. Cold porcelain does not require heating, since it hardens by exposure to air.

Make a hemp belt

Pleather or plastic belts don't last long and sooner or later you end up tossing them out. But before you do, why not use the belt buckle and some twine or cotton rope to make your own custom belt.

ipad clutch holder with fabric and duct tape...!

Here's how to make a quick and easy yet stylish ipad clutch holder with nothing more than a scrap of fabric and some duct tape. You can use any fabric for this ipad clutch holder, but the thicker the better. We use a red faux suede to make this ipad clutch holder.

Lacy cut-off jeans

Summer’s almost here, which means we’re ready to slip into our trusty denim cutoffs again. But this summer we couldn’t help but add a little DIY magic to our old jean shorts.

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How to make a plaited twine belt

Still trying to use up those rolls of rope that I bought for various craft projects posted in the Craft and Decor - Lighting sections. I like this project that uses twine to make a plaited twine belt, and what's nice is that you can always dye it if you want to add some colour.

A new way to lace up your shoes...!

This tutorial gives new meaning to lacing up your shoes. Here's how to give boring shoes a makeover with lace and neon trim

Make jewellery with polymer clay

The most popular clay craft is making jewellery, because let's be honest, it's not always easy to find what you are looking for at the right price. Plus, with clay you can create truly one-of-a-kind jewellery.

A place to hang your shoes

Now this is one great idea for storing all your shoes, so they don't get spoilt, are easy to get to, and are on display so that you can drool over them as often as you like!

Makeover dated cowboy boots

I love this idea for dressing up old boots. What a new way to give your boots a trendy look. I've already sprayed my boots with Rust-Oleum vinyl spray to refresh them, now I need some cheapie boots so that I can try this out.

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High heel and lace...!

I came across a great idea at Carry on - carry on for dressing up a scuffed pair of shoes with lace. What a great idea for giving shoes a makeover!

Make your own jewellery

This weekend I made my very first ever clay necklace. Although a bit simple in design, I like the rose design and you can bet I can only get better as I make more clay jewellery.

Tie dye camera strap

Like many bloggers I carry my camera almost everywhere. Lugging around a DSLR can be a pain, but it’s much more fun with straps that feel like a cool accessory!

Uses for fabric and silk flowers

They're fun and if you shop around, they're cheap, and you can use silk flowers in so many different ways, and if you're crafty - you can make your own fabric flowers to dress up and adorn so many accessories.

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Summer beach bag

Make sure your beach bag is as gorgeous as you are this summer. A simple straw basket with plain leather straps suddenly becomes a thing of beauty when you add some material, a bow and some pyrography.

Glam summer sandals

Almost too good for the beach, you'll be wearing these from dawn to dusk - and quite possibly on into the evening. So, buy a few inexpensive pairs the same and decorate them differently to design an entire wardrobe of summer shoes.

Recycled materials make a bracelet

Search your tool box or kitchen draw and turn safety pins, washers, copper wire – even small coins into amazing pieces of jewellery.

Rust-Oleum spray for vinyl

To find out just how good rust-oleum spray for vinyl really is - I sprayed my boots. Two years on and they still look good !

How to find Personal Hobbies as a Parent

Here’s how to find personal hobbies once you become a parent.

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