Handy bracelet hanger

I made this bracelet hanger for all my bangles and bracelets. The design is very simple and I have provided different finishes in a wood tint or using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. It's great for a little princess, for your hubby, or for those of you who have a large selection of bangles and bracelets.


The first bangle holder that I made was finished with Woodoc Gel Stain in Cherrywood and gives a more traditional feel. This finish is also nice for the guys to hang their watches and jewellery. 

The second option was painted with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in Sweet Pea. This design is perfect for a princess, whether little or grown up, and provides plenty of hanging space for all your bangles and bracelets. 


Scrap piece of wood about 94mm wide x 250mm long

12mm pine dowel about 100mm long

25mm pine dowel cut to the same length as the base

Strip of pine moulding

Pattex No more Nails adhesive

Woodoc Gel Stain or Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint


Drill / Driver plus 12mm spade bit

Mitre box and backsaw

Orbital Sander plus 120-grit sanding pad

Tape measure and pencil


1. Measure and mark the centre of the base and drill a 12mm hole all the way through. Place a scrap piece of board underneath to prevent damaging your work surface. 

2, Also mark the centre of the 25mm dowel and drill a 12mm hole three-quarters of the way through. Make sure to hold the bit straight so that the assembly will be straight once finished. 

3. Measure and mark the moulding to fit around the outside of the base and cut this with a mitre box and backsaw. 

4. Glue the moulding to the base with No More Nails adhesive. 

5. All the pieces should fit nicely around the frame. Let this dry overnight. 

6. Place a small amount of adhesive in the base to mount the 12mm dowel and also in the hole in the 25mm dowel. Assemble the pieces and leave overnight. 


Now you have the option to choose your preferred method for finishing. You can use a tinted Woodoc Gel Stain or apply Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. Whatever option you choose, follow the instructions for proper application. 

Rust-Oleum 2X is available in so many colour options, both satin and gloss, and you will find the full range at your local Builders Warehouse. Remember to shake the can well before use and apply in a well-ventilated space, or outdoors.