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Make a suede bag in an hour

This gorgeous suede bag can be yours in an hour. It's a simple project that only requires one basic tool - a multi-hole punch that you can buy at craft and hobby stores, or a scrapbooking supply store.




Genuine or thick faux suede fabric in your choice of colour
1,5 metre matching silk ribbon
Multi-hole punch
2 metal brads - shown right
Sharp scissors
Fabric marker
Leather strap (from an old handbag or purse)
Template - a large dinner plate is ideal
Piece of newspaper






Use a template to cut out a large circle. The size of the circle determines the finished size of the bag. A large dinner plate or server plate is about the perfect size for a small bag or purse. Use a fabric marker to outline the circle.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the drawn shape. If you want to add more detail, use pinking shears (scissors that cut a wavy edge).

Cut out the exact same shape onto a piece of newspaper and fold this into 8 equal sections. Measure and mark an equal distance from the edge along each fold line and use the punch to make a hole at this point. Place the newspaper over your suede and use the fabric marker to mark the holes onto the suede.

Now you are ready to use the hole punch to pop out holes where you marked. You will need a medium sized hole in order to thread the ribbon or fabric through.

Start threading the fabric through the holes, gently pulling along as you work. Leave a 'tail' at the starting point so that you will have enough ribbon or fabric to make a stunning bow.

As you draw the ribbon or fabric together, push the inside of the circle down and the sides up to create the bag shape.

Thread an old bag or purse strap through a hole at either side. Secure the strap with a brad through the end of the strap and unfolded on the inside of the bag. If you don't have an old strap you can also use ribbon or fabric for this as well. Tie a large knot on the inside of the bag to secure the ribbon or fabric. Finish off your new suede bag with a beautifully tied bow at the front.


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