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The most amazing use of fabric... ever!

I have just discovered The Bina for the first time. This amazing design is a single piece of fabric with a couple of slits and a few press studs, and with this single piece of fabric you can create 12 different outfits.


The secret to this design is to choose the right fabric - it has to be a lightweight stretch fabric. You can buy The Bina online, or you can give it a try and make your own - it's up to you! Me? - I'm going to make one of these for sure.

All you need to make your own is a length of fabric - about 4 times hip width - some press-studs and a pair of scissors. You can leave unhemmed or sew a hem all round. Sew the press-studs on at each corner. And what the heck, if you're making one you might as well get more fabric in different colours and have the complete wardrobe!