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Pebble and stone jewellery

If you own a Dremel Multitool and are looking for craft ideas that can make you money - try making your own pebble and stone jewellery.


Dremel Multitools are amazing little power tools and you can do so much with a multitool and the wide range of accessories that can be used with the multitool. I stumbled across Jenny Hoople's website where she offers a wide selection of jewellery you can buy, as well as tips for making your own pebble or river stone jewellery.

In this feature we share Jenny's tips for drilling holes in pebbles and river stones to make assorted jewellery - either for yourself or to sell at craft markets or online.

First and foremost you're going to need some attractive pebbles or river stones. If you live close to the sea or have a river close by you can take a walk and be choose about selecting the right stones. For those that don't have access for collecting stones, you can still make your own jewellery using pebbles that you can buy at your local garden centre. Believe it or not you can find some beautifully shaped natural stones in a bag!

For making your own jewellery you will want to select thin, smooth and flat pebbles, as these are the easiest to work with. 

To drill holes in pebbles and river stone you need to use a Dremel 4000 or Dremel 8200. These are high-powered multitools that will drill holes in stones with ease.

You're also going to need a diamond-tipped coring bit similar to that shown below. You don't necessarily need to purchase Dremel bits (which can be pricey) and Tork Craft have an accessory set that works just as well.

GOOD TO KNOW: When drilling holes in pebbles or stones - have a can of WD-40 handy. The WD-40 acts as a cutting oil and will reduce wear on the bits so that they will last longer.

GOOD TO KNOW: Do wear safety glasses when doing this project. While the danger is minimal, you never know. Better safe than sorry!

Place a piece of thick cardboard or scrap pine underneath the stone to help secure in place and also to protect your work surface.

In most instances you won't be able to clamp the small stones unless you use a wrench to hold the small stones firmly, but you can easily hold the stones firmly between your fingers.

Hold the Dremel Multitool in a vertical position and as straight as possible. If you angle the multitool as you drill - your holes will also be at an angle. You want the drilled holes to be as straight as possible for professional results. You don't need to force the tool as you drill, just apply gentle pressure and let the diamond-tipped core do all the work.

Stop occasionally as you continue drilling the hole to add a spray of WD-40 to where the bit is drilling.

You might not get the hang of it immediately, but with a bit of practice you will soon be making your own jewellery. Jenny has made a wide selection of assorted jewellery using small, medium and large pebbles and river stones, and we have added a few more ideas that we found on Pinterest.

jenny hoople

jenny hoople



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