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Paint Fashion Accessories and Textiles with Pilot Pintor Paint Pens

I have recently discovered the fun of being able to use Pilot Pintor paint pens to decorate accessories such as ceramics, glass and more.




Pilot Pintor paint pens are available online at various suppliers.



There is a new cult craze that is extremely popular at the moment. It is one where you can personalise fashion accessories and home decor. Pilot Pintor Paint Pens are the latest way to personalise almost anything as they can be used on fabric, glass, ceramic, wood and more.









Choose from a wide selection of bold, vivid colours or more muted pastel hues and shimmering metallics and use your favourites to create your own unique designs.









Paint on Textiles

Painting on fabric with Pilot Pintor Paint Pens is easy. Simply choose a design you like and apply this to any fabric as long as it is clean and dry. Once the painted design is finished, fold the item inside out to iron over the painted area. The heat will fix the paint into the fabric. For a painted design to last longer don't place the item in a washing machine but rather handwash in warm water.




With so many vivid colours in the Pilot Pintor range, you can add personal details to all kinds of footwear.





It is so easy to buy plain sandals for adults or children and add a unique design or choose colours to wear with your favourite clothes. For a longer-lasting finish, apply a few coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer over the top. Pimp up your favourite shoes with a blast of colour!





Now you can spend a little less on footwear and purchase plain designs that you can dress up for any occasion.





Unlike many other brands of paint pens, Pilot Pintor pens have a rounded tip that makes it easy to apply your painted designs. You can also combine Pilot Pintor pens with Sharpie paint pens for fine lines and intricate detailing. It's all about putting your best foot forward with custom-designed footwear.









Update a vinyl, pleather, or leather handbag with Pilot Pintor Paint Pens so that it complements your winter or summer wardrobe. The paint pens work wonderfully on all these textiles. 




Use Pilot Pintor Paint Pens to create a unique range of fashion accessories for yourself or for clients. Each item can be individually styled in colours and designs depending on what the client wants.





You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using paint pens on textiles around the home. Think unique cushion and pillow covers, items for children's decor, and even rugs and carpets. There are so many fun ways to use Pilot Pintor paint pens and you can buy them online at various suppliers.





In future articles, we look at how you can use Pintor Paint Pens on glass, ceramics, wood and more.





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