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Quick Project: Using pressed flowers for fashion accessories

Here's a nifty way to use fresh flowers and muslin or lightweight cotton to make your own fashion accessories or gifts.


This quick and easy project shows how you can use fresh flowers, especially violas, pansies and primulas, to transfer a colourful design onto muslin or lightweight cotton fabric to make fashion accessories. You only need a hammer for this project and you will be surprised at how simple it is to transfer a pattern onto fabric.





In this feature from 5 minute crafts, you can use fresh flowers to transfer a design onto fabric to make a flower printed scarf that can be worn in different ways.


Lightweight cotton or muslin fabric


Masking tape

Fresh flowers, preferably violas, pansies and primulas




1. Choose a selection of colourful flower heads

2. Place individual flower heads face down on the fabric and fasten in place with a small strip of masking tape.

3. Gently tap the flower heads with a hammer, applying more pressure to the petals and only a light tap on the centre of the flower head. You want to completely flatten the flower heads and transfer their natural colour onto the fabric.

4. Repeat the process of gently hammering all the flower heads until you're done.

5. Peel back the masking tape to reveal the colourful flower design that has been transferred onto the fabric.



GOOD TO KNOW: Use a warm iron on the fabric to permanently embed the colour into the fabric.



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