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Uses for fabric and silk flowers

They're fun and if you shop around, they're cheap, and you can use silk flowers in so many different ways, and if you're crafty - you can make your own fabric flowers to dress up and adorn ...

Sew a single, large silk chrysanthemum onto a plain beanie to create a fun hat. Any little girl would love to wear one and she may even start a fashion trend!

Pretty fabric flowers and crisp, apple green ribbon look simply wonderful on a plain lampshade and do so much to add a personal touch to a bedroom.

Adorn a straw bonnet or summer floppy hat with some silk flowers and a wide ribbon for a fresh, romantic look. Or transform a plain, straw shoulder bag with big, bold silk flowers.  





If you have a wedding on the cards or a special occasion, why not make your own boutonnière with ribbon and mesh fabric. Follow the instructions for fabric flowers.

Create unique and wonderful wreaths for a baby shower. Select an overall colour for the wreath, hot glue matching flowers and adorn with gifts and ribbon.

Ribbons and simple silk flowers make wonderful napkin holders for a spring or summer table. Dress up an afternoon braai for something different.

Dress up a tired-looking picture frame with a few ivory silk flowers. Use a glue gun to stick the flowers onto the centre top of the frame, or on one corner.

Use silk flowers as embellishments for your scrapbook pages or photo album.

Use a hot glue gun to fasten silk flowers onto hair clips, hair barrettes and alice bands.

Silk flowers and matching ribbon look gorgeous as a topping on gifts. Try to look for vintage style wrapping paper that will finish off the look.


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