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Easy screen printing with embroidery hoops

I have previously featured on using embroidery hoops to make gifts for family and friends, but a new trend is to use embroidery hoops for silk screening or printing onto fabric. This method is far easier than setting up a silk screening frame and you can be printing on fabric sooner than you think.

Old net curtains are perfect for using as screens for silk screening and are stretched tightly within an embroidery hoop as the first step for screen printing. The finer the net the more detailed the end result will be. You can also use an old pair of nylon stockings to make a screen for printing, as done by

Screen printing with old net curtains or nylon stockings is a fun and easy way to add detailing to plain cotton t-shirts and children's clothes, as well as add print onto fabric for making your own cushions, etc.





There are two methods for masking off the area for printing:

1. Use ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to mask off the area not to be printed. ModPodge allows you to apply more detail to a design.

2. Use leftover acrylic or craft paint to mask off the area not to be printed.

Screen printing onto fabric:
Once the area is masked off you are ready to apply paint to transfer the design onto your fabric.

Fabric paint is the best paint to use, but you can also use acrylic craft paint. Spread the paint evenly across the back of the screen with a squeegee - or an expired credit card - to transfer the image onto your fabric.

Here's a great gift idea for Valentine's day, birthday or special occasion. Use the silk screening method above to apply your own unique designs to a silk tie.


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