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Jazz up a pair of flip-flops

Summer is here and it's great to be able to dress up casually in a pair of flip-flops. But flip-flops don't have to look like something you only wear at home. Here's a way to dress up your flip-flops and wear them almost anywhere.


Let's be honest, a decent pair of flip-flops won't cost you much, and all you need are some dressy beads and a few craft tools to transform them.

Start off by wrapping thin ribbon around the straps. A small bead of hot glue at the beginning will hold the ribbon in place as you wrap around. Match the ribbon to whatever embellishments you will be adding. This ribbon is a pearly white to match the pearl beads.

Wrap the ribbon around the entire length of the straps, using a bead of glue at the end the hold in place. At the front of the straps, wrap the ribbon around to create a V-shape.

Apply a small blob of hot glue to the beads and then sew these onto the V-shaped front section using matching thread.

Continue to glue and sew on different types and sizes of beads until you completely cover the V-shaped panel and work slightly up the sides of the straps.


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