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Homemade jewellery cleaner

I'm getting ready for the year-end holidays and my jewellery is in need of a good clean. Here is an easy way to clean your jewellery using ordinary household ingredients.


Baking powder is handy for cleaning so many areas in a home. You can also use baking powder to clean your jewellery when combined with sea salt and aluminium foil. The combination of these three ingredients creates what is known as ion transfer - a chemical process that can be used to clean jewellery.



Baking powder

Aluminium foil


Old toothbrush

Hot water






1. Cover your bowl with aluminium foil and then add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking powder. Place the jewellery to be cleaned on top of this. 

2. Pour in the hot water and watch the fizz do its work.

GOOD TO KNOW: Do the cleaning process in a sink to reduce the risk of mess. 

3. Once the fizz has completed its cleaning process, pour out the hot water. 

4. Now you can use an old toothbrush to gently brush and clean under running water. 

Time to test out this process on some of my other pieces of costume jewellery.  

As the fizz starts the colour instantly turns to a dirty colour - proof that the chemical reaction is taking place and removing all the dirt.  



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