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Make a fringed top in 15-minutes

I saved the fringe top below to my pinterest a while ago because it looked like a DIY version that would be pretty simple. It wasn't until a fellow Pinterester commented on it, asking for a tutorial that I actually tried it out. It was really easy to do, and if I didn't pause to take pictures of my process, it could totally be done in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1
You will need 2 identical tops - or two different colours if you want a contrasting fringe. You also will need scissors, a sewing machine (or a needle with matching thread), and beads.

Step 2
Take one of your tank tops and cut it apart. I cut up both side seams and the straps - this creates a back piece and a front piece. For this tutorial we will only need the front piece.

Step 3
Cut out a long bib shape from your front piece. The ending shape of your fringe will depend on what this initial shape is.

Step 4
With scissors, cut your fringe vertically, making sure not to cut through the neckline.

Step 5
Your fringe bib is now complete. In most cases, you would need to gently pull at each fringe to make it curl up on itself - but my shirt's stretch was in the wrong direction. A standard t-shirt should curl up very nicely when you tug on it.

Step 6
Pin your bib to the front of your other tank top, lining the two necklines up exactly, with both right sides facing up.

Step 7
Either hand sew or use your sewing machine. Use a zig zag or stretch stitch.

Step 8
You could finish at this point if you wish, and just skip the bead steps.

Step 9
To add beads to each fringe, twist each fringe tip so it goes through the bead easier. Make sure you buy beads with large enough holes.

Add as many rows of beads as you wish, and if you are worried about them coming off simply tie a knot below each bead to secure it.


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