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Paracord bracelet with personal stamped message

Paracord has become popular in jewellery making. In this tutorial we show you how to make a paracord bracelet that is a great present for anyone!



Stamping kit

Metal tag



Tape measure






1. Use a lighter to burn both ends of the paracord with a lighter to prevent the cord from fraying.

2. Fold a length of paracord in half with the leather strip running through the middle.

3. Begin with an overhand knot.

4. Pull the loop through.

5. Pull the paracord and leather tight, leaving a 2cm loop at the end.

6. Use scissors to trim excess leather.

7. Start with macramé square knots by placing the right cord over the leather and under the left cord.

8. Place the left cord under the leather.

9. Thread the left cord through the hole on the right.

10. Pull the left cord to the right and the right cord to the left.

11. Move the left cord over the leather to create a backwards D shape.

12. The right cord goes over the left cord.

13. Now the right cord goes under the leather.

14. The right cord then goes behind the hole on the left and passes over the right cord.

15 & 16. Repeat step 10 to tighten your first two knots. Note: The knots are not shown as tightened in the pic.

17. Continue knotting till you have six knots.

18. Thread a metal tag through the leather with the engraved side facing down.

19. Continue knotting on the back side of the metal tag. You will find that only two knots should fit on the backside.

20. Continue to add square knots on the other side of the metal tag.

21. After completing the knots trim the knot at the end.

22. Burn the ends of the paracord to secure your knot.


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