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Transform last year's woollies into this season's hottest winter wear

There are so many ways to take last year's winter woollies and add a new spin on the look with a few embellishments or trim. Here are some great ideas that I can across on extending the life of your closet with hardly any effort at all.


Geneva at a pair and a spare shows how easy it is... Start by cutting the leather (or other material you are using) into pieces around 1 metre long - cut about 50 pieces in total.

To add the fringe you need to fold a piece of your chosen fringe material in half. You can use any material for this project. Thin leather strips are the best, but you can also use cord, string, twine or heavy ribbon.

Loop the strip through the wool at the top middle near the neckline and then gently pull tight to secure. Continue with this down the side of the sweater in a triangle shape - mine was great because it had the triangle in the pattern already - if yours doesn’t you can always use chalk to mark it. Finish by doing the other side, making sure to mirror the pattern and angle.


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