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No sew hem for jeans

Does anyone else have the inconvenience of having to buy jeans that are too long? If you come in under 1,6 metre I am guessing you’re nodding yes (or at least that is what I will tell myself to feel better).  Especially if you love jeans like I do. I love that you can dress them up or down making them the most versatile item of clothing I own.  I am happy to report I found a no-sew-required solution that actually looks great, and not like a hack job.

First things first, you have to undo the original hem. I used my seam ripper, but if you don’t have one of those a little pair of scissors will work. To get started just turn the seam up, and find the interior stitch, then cut it.

Pull a little and cut the threads as they appear. Once you get it started, it pretty easy, just pull the seam and the threads will be exposed and then cut. Just be careful not to cut the denim. With shoes on, try on the pants and fold to the length you will be wearing them at.  You can make a mark just on the inside, or put in a pin like I did to mark.

Now take them off and lay on a flat surface, smoothing out the legs for cutting.  You will cut about 5cm below the fold mark you made. This will allow for a nice weight at the bottom of the pant leg when finished.

Following the same angle as the original hem cut off the excess length.  I used a rotary cutter, but still didn’t get a straight line, no worries, we can always get a straight fold in the next step. If you have a sewing machine, you can do a quick zigzag to finish off the raw edge.  I left mine raw and have washed them a bunch with no problems.

Next turn the pants inside out. Fold the pants leg to the length you marked or determined you wanted and iron with steam. I held my pants up to make sure the legs were the same length, and the angle at the bottom looked good before moving on to the next step. Cut a long piece of iron-on bonding and place just under the edge of the cuff as shown in the picture.

You want it as close to the raw edge’s edge as possible (did that make sense?). This will bring any fray to a minimum. Iron per the packaging instructions. I had to iron mine a tad more, it will depend on the weight of the fabric. When you have went all the way around the leg, trim the iron-on bonding to the length needed and finish the ironing.

Repeat on the other pant leg. Once the seam has cooled, pull on it to make sure it has adhered completely. There were a few places where mine pulled apart a some. Iron those places a bit more if you find any. Turn right side out.


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