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Fabric markers = Colourful takkies!

Sharpie pens are available in South Africa, and one of the fun products in the range are fabric markers. You can use Sharpie fabric markers on almost any fabric to add a colourful design to cushions, t-shirts and... takkies.

Buy a pack of fabric markers and then have fun transforming inexpensive clothing and shoes into your own unique creations. These plain white takkies are painted with colourful fabric markers in an eyecatching design. Draw a freehand design, or cut out a card template to make copying the design easier.





Using different coloured fabric markers to colour in the zig-zag patterns on the outside of your takkies.

Don't forget to also colour in around the fabric edge of the shoes and on the tongue. For even more colour, shop around for colourful shoe laces for your new creation!