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Make a twine or cotton rope belt

Pleather or plastic belts don't last long and sooner or later you end up tossing them out. But before you do, why not use the belt buckle and some twine or cotton rope to make your own custom belt.

There's always the occasional project on Instructables that's worth a closer look and this twine belt is one of those.

1. Cut 4 strands of twine or cotton rope about 6 times the length you want your belt to be. It's always better to get more than you need. Cut the belt off of the buckle and then attach a strand to the buckle by folding it in half. Put the loop under the buckle and pull the ends through.

Repeat with another strand.

2. Tie a square knot around each of your 'home' strands and then use the 4 middle strands to tie a square knot.

Keep switching back and forth between outside knots and middle knots. [You can also add beads!]

Just keep going!

When you're ready to finish the belt, make a big square knot using all of the strands you have. Use the 4 middle strands as your middle piece and two strands on each side to tie the knots. Whenever you want to stop, tie a knot and then cut the excess off.

Tada! Totally wearable belt!


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