Make a nespresso ring

So following on from our feature on recycling nespresso cups and how to use those nespresso foil cups, here is a project that shows how to make a nespresso ring.

Press the nespresso capsule flat and then use sharp scissors to cut away the outermost edge.

Use a pair of ring pliers to crush the edges of the pliers flat. Also use the pliers to bend over the edges to create the pressed flower shape.



Use a ring size to find the desired size and give two turns of wire around the ring size - one length should be longer than the other.

Insert both end of the wire into the middle of the crushed nespresso cup. Wrap the shorter length around the longer one and flatten on top of the nespresso cup.

Use your pliers to create a spiral with the long length - as shown left.

Once finished, use the pliers to gently press down the spiral onto the top of the cup. And there you have your nespresso ring !