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Use Rust-Oleum vinyl spray to an old pair of shoes or boots

Did you know that you can use Rust-Oleum Vinyl spray on all types of vinyl. I even used it to spray my favourite boots to look like new again. It was so easy to use and has not cracked or peeled.

I love my boots so much that I even wear them when in the workshop, which means they got stained, spattered with paint and generally looked like they were ready for the dustbin. Willing to try anything once, out came the can of Rust-Oleum Vinyl spray. I popped some scrunched up newspaper inside the boots, placed them on newspaper outdoors and sprayed on a coat. It worked! Now I'm off to the shoe repairs to get them re-heeled. I am wearing my boots as a write this, and have done for the past few days, and they look brand new. They spray covers 100%, does not crack of peel, and even covers up scuff marks.


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