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Make your own business card wallets

Show some personal style when handing out your business cards with one of these quick and easy business card wallets. You can also make up a few - they make great presents for family and friends.



Template - see below
Vinyl, fabric, plastic or acetate sheets
Button or pop stud (found at fabric stores)
Scissors or craft knife and cutting mat


1. First you need to print out the template below. Depending on the size of your business card, you may need to enlarge the template slightly.

2. Cut out pattern and trace it onto your material of choice and then use a mini hole-punch to make the small holes at three of the tips, as shown on the template. Make the top hole slightly larger to accommodate the brad closure on the front of the wallet.

3. Fold the material into an envelope shape by bringing the left and right flaps inward to line up the holes. Hold the sections together using a button stud. Insert the back piece of the button stud up through the holes in the flaps and then screw on the front piece of the stud, and push it through the hole on the top flap.


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