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Dress up plain boots

I love this idea for dressing up old boots. What a new way to give your boots a trendy look. I've already sprayed my boots with Rust-Oleum vinyl spray to refresh them, now I need some cheapie boots so that I can try this out.

Re-vamp an old pair of boots with a little Mod Podge and uber cute fabric. It is easy...I swear. They took me about 1.5 hours to make with a 5 hour dry time. I so wanna do a pair of cowboy boots.....yee haw!

Begin with a pair of smooth pleather or leather boots. Make a paper pattern of the boot. I like to tape the paper to the boot and sketch the shape with a pencil. Add a little extra to the length and the back-side seam.

Trace the pattern to the backside of the fabric. Be sure to position the pattern over your desired print pattern. Cut out the shape with scissors.

Brush the Mod Podge to the back of the fabric piece.

Position nicely on the boot. Smooth any air bubbles out from the centre to the edges with your finger. Trim the over hang with sharp scissors.

On the other side of the boot, begin the zipper side. You will need to make two different patterns for the zipper side. Apply to the boot. Repeat pattern, mod podge and apply the second zipper side. Overlap the fabric along the back seam. Trim to smooth. Allow to dry!


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