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Tie dye camera strap

Like many bloggers I carry my camera almost everywhere. Lugging around a DSLR can be a pain, but it’s much more fun with straps that feel like a cool accessory!



Long, thin strip of muslin 80mm x 1500mm
Fabric dye - acrylic craft paints also work well
Squirt bottles
Chrome chain 800mm long
Leather: 2 strips 19mm x 300mm
Rivets + rivet setting tools






1. Sew along the length of the prewashed muslin strip and then turn it right side out using a safety pin. Tuck in the ends and topstitch to secure.

2. Use the string to tie every few centimetres along the length of the fabric and then wet the fabric and put it in a safe place for dying. (I used my sink.)

3. Mix up the dye or paint into the squirt bottles according to directions. Squirt the dye randomly on the fabric. Allow 20-30 minutes to set before rinsing, washing and drying. If using craft paint, iron with a warm iron before you rinse and dry.

4. Weave the dyed fabric strip through the chain, sometimes wrapping around or tying knots to keep it from looking too uniform.

5. Punch two holes in the end of each leather strip and insert into the final length of chain. Secure with a rivet. Insert the ends of the leather strap through the brackets on your camera and secure using new or existing buckles or rivets.


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