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Lace up your shoes...!

This tutorial from M&J gives new meaning to lacing up your shoes. Here's how to give boring shoes a makeover with lace and neon trim


1. Remove the laces from your oxfords. You’re going to glue the lace on the shoe in sections, so cut a piece of lace that will roughly cover one section of the shoe.

2. Use your scissors to trim the lace into the desired shape. It should follow the basic lines of the shoe – this is the easiest way to create each section.

3. Use contact adhesive to glue the lace onto the shoes and laces. Spray both the shoes and laces, and the back of the lace and let sit for 5 minutes before placing together.

4. Pull your neon cord through the holes to create laces.

5. Begin adding your neon studs wherever desired. Simply place a drop of superglue on the shoe, then place the stud on top. Continue to do this for each stud. We chose to follow the natural lines of the shoe, but you could put your studs anywhere you like.

6. Finish studding the shoe – then you’re all done! Let it dry and you’re ready to show off your new kicks.


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