10 Dietary Tips to Help Boost Post-Workout Recovery

Here are ten dietary tips to help boost your post-workout recovery.

How To Get the Holiday Glow All Year Long

In this article, we give you an expert guide into the skin secrets to help you achieve glowing skin all year long.

Summer allergies? A salt room can help!

Hot days during summer can encourage time spent outdoors but the downside, among others can be, if you're suffering from allergies, having a flare up on particularly hotter days experienced in these parts of the country.

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Best Window Treatments For A Peaceful Sleep

Barking dogs, noisy neighbours or loud cars up and down the streets should not disturb your sleep and that is why you need to look at a better window treatment for your bedroom.


How To Maintain Optimal Humidity Inside Your Home

If your home suffers from poor humidity, it can damage the structural integrity and encourage the growth of mold and mildew, both of which will result in costly repairs.


The Importance of Taking Time to Relax

It is time to replace busy days with smart time management so you can have plenty of free time.


Drink Your Greens

Despite autumn’s lower temperatures, it’s essential to continue consuming water, beverages and foods that include vitamins and minerals.


A Potential Ban on Gas Stoves Brings Safety to the Fore

The state of California (US) is in the process of implementing a ban on gas stoves and gas heating equipment because of safety concerns over health issues and harmful emissions.

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Take A Few Days off and Plan a Last Minute Break

For those who suddenly realise they need a break before a new year of working starts, here are some smart tips to book a last-minute break.

Keep your Healthy Habits on Track while Enjoying the Holidays

To help stay ahead of those new years resolutions, here are four tips for keeping healthy habits on track and incorporating holiday-proof self care into your life these holidays.

10 Home Improvements That Will Boost The Quality Of Your Sleep

Here are simple home improvements that will boost the quality of your sleep.

Which is Better - Lap Pool or Conventional Pool?

Home Owners are spending a fortune on upgrading their property to a safe and comfortable haven and adding a swimming pool is just one of the many home improvements on the cards.

5 Reasons Why Juicing Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

In this article, we list five reasons why juicing will improve the quality of your life!

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Sneaky Ways to Add Extra Hydration to your Diet this Winter

Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront’s Mixologist, Melrick Harrison says that ‘With our thirst not being as high as in the hotter months, we’ll have to be creative with new and enticing ways to keep hydrated.’

Should We Wear Face Masks Post Covid?

Now that the regulation to wear face masks has been lifted, is it a good idea to keep wearing a face mask? 

Healthy Eating is a Global Driver

People are becoming more and more concerned about overall well being, weight control, energy levels etc. and interest in healthy foods that provide protective nutrients, is growing.

Why you should Grow Aloe Vera in a Garden

We have long known the many health benefits relating to Aloe Vera and it is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden.

Use Refreshing Eucalyptus Sprigs in the Shower or Bath

With its refreshing scent, it's no surprise that eucalyptus is having its moment in the limelight as an addition to your daily shower or bath.

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Epsom Salts is Good for the Body and Great for the Home, but not for the Garden

With us looking at old fashioned remedies as a way to keep toxins and chemicals out of our home, let us not forget about one of the best... Epsom Salt!

4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Stressful Times

With a good dollop of self-love and self-compassion, there are several things you can do to keep you on a level during a tense period in your life.

Stress Awareness Month: Creating a culture of listening for employee well-being

For many employees their desire for workplace flexibility and greater autonomy has fuelled mass resignation across sectors, now known as The Great Resignation.

Enhancing Beauty Can Help Your Self-Esteem

When you feel good about your looks, it shows in everything you do.

How to Create the Perfect Sleeping Routine

If you experience poor sleep, it is essential to identify what causes it and take action because ignoring bad sleep signs can lead to more serious health issues.

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Why You Should Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Strawberry plants can be purchased at local garden centres and nurseries

Grow fruits in your garden

Take a look at the best fruit plants to grow in your landscape.

Is Your Home Office Detrimental To Your Health?

Working from home offers many comforts but there are health risks associated with it that you may not have considered.

Top Tips for Textured Hair Types

Those with curly hair are determined to achieve a straight silk-like look and those with straight hair spend hours with the curling iron, spraying hairspray liberally in pursuit of some volume.

Keeping your Summer Hair in Top Condition

Hair health activist and colour alchemist, Reneé Potgieter, gives us some of her top tips that you can use at home to enhance your beautiful locks for the summer - with no extra work.

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Is There A Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

As someone who is afflicted by this painful and debilitating diseases, I want to share with you the treatment I am on that hasn't cured the disease but has stopped Rheumatoid Arthritis in its tracks.

Should you Wash your Hair with Warm or Cold Water?

Despite my age, I only recently found out that you should wash your hair with cold water... who would have thought?

Hair Rehab – How to Rehabilitate Your Hair

Hair health activist and style alchemist Reneé Potgieter is on a mission to get us all to fall back in love with our natural locks.

Five Ways of Keeping Asthma and Allergies at Bay

In this article are 5 ways that you could control allergy and asthma by checking the harmful air in your home.

How to Make your own Soap

For thousands of years, we have been making soap and still today there are many methods for making soap with unique scented ingredients.

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5 Healthy Ways to Destress

Anxiety and stress are treatable, but sadly only a small percentage of people suffering from mental health issues are seeking treatment.

How Safe Is My Workspace?

Going to work during the throes of a global pandemic has everyone asking the question, "How safe is my workspace?" Is yours safe?

Do You Have A Well-Equipped First Aid Kit At Home?

The global pandemic has many of us afraid to go to the local doctor or hospital, but do you have a well-equipped first-aid kit at home to deal with small emergencies?

Stay Home and Stay Healthy

Many people are staying at home as much as possible and we have some practical tips on staying home and staying healthy.

Would You Do Your Workout Or Have A Gym In A Shed?

Homeowners are becoming very creative when it comes to finding extra space, such as setting up a garden shed for workouts or to set up a home gym.

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Unexpected Ways Your Bed Is Making You Sick and How to Fix It for Good

It may come as a surprise, but your bed can actually affect your health, and in this article, you’ll find out how.

These Happy Tips will Help Lift Feelings of Depression

With everything that is going on around us, many individuals are feeling depressed and unsettled, so try one of two of these happy tips to lift your mood.

A Kitchen Sponge is Full Of Bacteria

Kitchen sponges are handy in the kitchen, but they are full of germs, more germs, in fact, than a toilet!

Home Gyms and How Our Spaces Will Change

Kim Williams, Cape Town interior design specialist and entrepreneur, believes that in these times when we are spending more hours in our homes than ever, we should focus on embracing the flexibility and fluidity of our spaces.

How to Sanitize or Sterilize a Face Mask or Face Covering

Now that we are all wearing face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect ourselves, you should also know how to sanitize or sterilize your face mask.

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Work in the Garden without the Strain

Adelaide Physiotherapist, Linda Shacklock, offers advice on how to work in the garden without overdoing it and causing aches and strains.

Different CBD Products and their Uses

Valuable lessons you can learn from taking a course on CBD products.

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Everything You Need to Know About Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis for medicinal or recreational use is an exciting venture if done correctly.

Can You Make Sinful Treats Healthier?

Find out how you can make your favorite sinful treats healthier.

10 Amazing Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera has been used therapeutically by man for more than 5000 years and the benefits of this incredible plant are countless.

Discover the Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath

As someone who suffers from arthritis and eczema, I have recently discovered the benefits of a sea salt bath and how regular bathing with sea salt has numerous health advantages.

Having a Healthy Lifestyle Is Still The Best Way to Better Health

If you want to live a healthier life, below are some lifestyle changes that can improve your health.

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5 Ways To Relieve Stress At Home

There are ways available to us to de-stress so that we can once again leap out of bed and face the day with enthusiasm.

Make a Change for Good Health

It's a new year, and what better time to set aside some time for yourself; to relax in a spa experience or set up space for more activities that increase good health.

5 Factors That Affect How Long CBD Oil Kicks In

CBD oil is slowly gaining widespread use these days due to its potential as medicinal supplement and alternative therapy.

Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

 Let’s take a look at foods that will keep your skin healthy this winter and make it glow.

6 health benefits of eating outdoors you didn’t know

Eating outside has a positive impact on your health and we explain why it’s great for you!

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7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Should Maintain in College

Young people feel healthy and full of energy but to keep it that way, there is also a bunch of habits you should adopt starting with college.

High design with KushKush

Challenging the way that people view cannabis by elevating the aesthetics of the cannabis consumption experience is what KushKush is all about.

Minimalist Tattoo Tips You Should Grab Right Now

Discover the best minimalist tattoo ideas that are trending right now and choose the best one for your body art.

Top 7 Stress Management Techniques for Students

We suggest using 7 stress management techniques, which help to get rid of stress.

White chocolate bark with cannabutter recipe

KushKush shares their delectable white chocolate bark with cannabutter recipe.

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Can this Plant Stop you from Snoring?

There is a story blowing up on the Web that the Pineapple Plant stops snoring, but before you rush out and buy a pineapple plant read on...

How to Get Out the Door Faster In the Morning

On some mornings, it may seem like it would require nothing short of a miracle to get you out of the door on time, but with these fashion and beauty tips you might just have one.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Humidifier in Their Home

With the ability to disperse humidity, humidifiers might've turned out to be the understatement of this century.

The Emotional Effects of Debt and How to Get Back On Your Feet

Becoming stressed as a result of debt is not uncommon and is often referred to as debt stress syndrome; it can manifest itself in a number of ways.

Healthy Living for Students: 8 Vital Tips

When you head off to college, managing your health usually becomes a low priority,so, how can one live healthily?

Renting a Treadmill Can Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

If meeting your weight loss goals without any compromise is high on your notes, a treadmill is a step in the right direction.

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Healthy ways to stay on the path to recovery from drug addiction

Here are 7 healthy ways to help you stay on the path to recovery from drug addiction.

Cold-Pressed Juice Vs. Store-Bought Beverages

To help determine the better option between cold-pressed and bottled juice, let’s take a closer look at each of these beverages.

Have you heard about Weighted Blankets?

There's a lot of buzz at the moment about weighted blankets and how they can reduce stress while promoting a good night's sleep.

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

You might have heard the saying ‘breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day’ and it couldn’t be truer!

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Six Ways to Improve Mindfulness within Your Body

Keeping your body healthy and centered is just as important as keeping your mind healthy

Easy Back Pain Relief At Work

Typical reasons behind the occurrence of back pain.

Appliances and utensils that host the most germs

After reading a survey by NSF on appliances and utensils that host the most germs, I was quite surprised to find a few items on the list that I never suspected.

Is your home slowly killing you?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few things in and around your home that can cause cancer.

Habits That Will Enhance Your Life

The power to embrace change and experience future positive outcomes is in your hands, and it’s up to you take control over what happens next.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Oil

 In this article we offer everything you need to know about hemp oil.

5 reported health benefits of going vegan

A plant-based diet is increasingly becoming recognized as a healthier alternative to a diet laden with meat.

Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

With flu season upon us, what better time than now to learn how you can use rubbing alcohol in the home.

Good Foods - Bad Foods - or are they?

A recent survey shows that South Africans have an unhealthy appetite for junk food.

Keep your cool

Temperatures are soaring all around the country, and combined with the drought, here are some tips to stay cool, save water and electricity.

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Aloe vera - water-wise and has useful health benefits

Aloe vera features in many South African gardens as an ornamental plant due to its drought-resistance and interesting form - making it a useful plant for rockeries and low-maintenance landscaping. Aloe vera is also known around the world for its medicinal properties, which includes an ability to soothe and moisturise skin.

Make your own shower bombs

With winter upon us, shower bombs are just the right way to add a little aroma-therapy to your morning shower. Place the steamer on the floor of the shower opposite the shower head so that the steam and shower mist gently hits it.

Why you need to avoid decongestants

If you have high blood pressure, chances are you are already getting plenty of exercise and eating healthy foods to try and manage your condition as best as possible. But did you know that decongestants have an adverse affect on your blood pressure?

Many benefits of apple cider vinegar

I have been trying to loose a few kilos and tone up before winter, because I know that I tend to chow down on hearty foods during the winter. One product I have added to my diet is apple cider vinegar, - the benefits and how it can help you lose weight.

Dry shampoo for bad hair days

Late for a meeting and don't have time to wash your hair? Or it's too cold to jump into the shower? Here's a nifty way to make your own dry shampoo in a jiffy - and it's just as good as a bought spray dry shampoo.

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Dremel MultiTool for the perfect pedi

I use my Dremel MultiTool to smooth away dry skin and keep my heels nice and soft. It doesn't hurt in the slightest and easily removes dried skin.

Til breath do us part

If romance is on your mind this February you may be better off investing in your oral health than flowers or chocolates. Bad breath is possibly the ultimate turn off – three in five South Africans surveyed said it was the most unappealing thing a date or partner could have.

How to install RO water purifier

Having previously posted a while ago on the advantages of installing a water purifier, here's another article that shows how easy it is to install an RO water purifier system under your kitchen sink.

Crazy hair with hair chalk

Hair chalking is the easiest and most affordable hair trend for the season. It's non-permanent, so you don't have to worry about permanently changing the colour of your hair, and you can add any colour to match your outfit - or your mood...!

Healthy eating ideas

Sometimes it can seem like a huge task to start cooking in a healthy way, especially if you’re used to cooking with lots of oil and fat. But choosing healthy, lower-fat cooking methods is a practical way of making sure we get the nutrients we need without the added kilojoules.

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Soy candles

I was watching a TV programme the other day that included a comment about using soy candles instead of wax candles. I know that wax candles are made from paraffin wax, but only now realise that this wax emits harmful carcinogens.

What's for breakfast...?

Breakfast is especially important for children and, although breakfast cereals are the quick and easy option, natural foods are better for healthy growth and healthy minds.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

A few months ago I put together a feature on Juice Your Way to Health that looked at the health benefits of various fruit juices. We all know that an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away, but I was surprised to learn about another benefit of apple juice.

A follow up on BPA in canned foods and plastics

Some chemicals - known as xenoestrogens - have the potential to cause serious health problems over time, as well as increase abdominal fat from the estrogenic effect.

Juice your way to good health

If you work out the difference in price between packaged or bottled juices and fresh fruit, you will soon see that a juicer will not only save you money in the long run, but also ensure that your family enjoys the full benefit of fresh fruit daily.

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Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been touted as a health aid for centuries. Known for its healing products, apple cider vinegar has been consumed to lose weight, cleanse the body and as an aid to good health.

Warm or cool mist humidifier?

Warm or cool mist humidifiers are designed to provide a room with more moisture. A child or adult suffering from sinus infections, allergies, excessively dry skin or consistent symptoms of cold due to lack of moisture in the air, can benefit by using a humidifier.

Treat dry, itchy skin

Winter is the time when many people suffer from dry, itchy skin. For some, the problem is worse than just a feeling of dry, tightness; skin can flake and crack and eczema can occur.

Keep colds and flu at bay

As the days get cooler and shorter and you spend more time indoors, you're more at risk of getting sick. It happens to us all. There you are innocently minding your own business, getting on with your life, when you notice that tell-tale little tickle at the back of your throat. But help is at hand.

How not to bulk up over winter

Winter is just a month or two away and that means 'comfort' food. When it's cold we tend to crave hot, stodgy foods that make us feel full and warm, but unfortunately these foods are normally the ones that fill us up in other ways!

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Are you still using hair products that contain ammonia?

Ammonia is used in hair colourants to open the hair strands and allow colourant in, and is about as delicate as a blunt can opener, not to mention the smell and scalp irritation it causes.

Finding it hard to slow down?

Do you feel as if life is whizzing past without a moment to catch your breath? Do you feel like you battle to keep up with the demands of work and home? You are not alone.

Reduce your cholesterol

Have a salmon fish dinner. Snack on a handful of nuts. Pour a dash of olive oil in your salad. And bite into that rich, creamy chocolate. Now you can do all this guilt-free! All these foods help in fighting bad cholesterol.

Looking for new packed lunch ideas?

Taking the time to prepare and pack a healthy lunch is one of the many ways to trim your budget - and your waistline.

Life changing 'My Omega' index test launched in SA

For the first time in South Africa, an affordable 'Fatty Acid Profile' home test kit is available through your health practitioner or online. The test is being dubbed the HS-Omega-3 Index Test or My Omega.

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Health benefits of strawberries

In the latest issue of Home-Dzine we discuss how to grow your own strawberries. While you know that strawberries are one of the most delicious fruits, did you also know that strawberries help maintain good health?

Do you suffer from neck ache?

Some think that injuries in the workplace only happen to those who work high-intensity jobs. But you're probably unaware that sitting at your computer and typing - something you do every day - can leave you at risk for significant pain and discomfort.

The five most common foot problems

Nearly eight in 10 adults have experienced some type of foot ailment in their lives. Yet despite the pain, close to three in 10 do nothing about it, simply choosing to live with their pain.

Homemade citrus scrub

PetitElefant shows us how to make a citrus and salt scrub. She says it smells like heaven in the shower, a little drop of citrus sunshine for your day.

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Health benefits of fish oils

Fish is still one of the healthiest foods that we can consume and, while oily fish such as salmon, tuna, halibut and others are high in fish oil, the easiest and most affordable way to reap the benefits of fish oils is by taking supplements.

Teeth whitening that works

New technology and access to OTC whitening products mean that everyone has access to teeth-whitening products that are affordable and effective.

Foods that you make look and feel younger!

While we don't easily want to tell our age, knock off a few years with these anti-aging properties and you'll gladly tell people how old you are. Plus, you will benefit both health and body!

6 resolutions for body, mind and soul

No matter what you call it: the diet roller-coaster, diet yo-yo, dieting merry-go-round - it still comes down to one important fact - it doesn't work. Ask anyone who has tried fad dieting and you'll hear stories of how they lots a lot of weight in an instant only to pick it back up again.

BPA in canned food

Eating canned soup can cause the amount of BPA (bisphenol A) in the body to soar, compared to eating soup made with fresh ingredients, according to findings from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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Pamper your nails

If your nails are in need of some serious help but you don't have the time or money to make it to the salon, here are some simple ways to achieve a professional looking manicure at home.

How to handle chicken

With meat becoming more and more a luxury buy, chicken could well be the most affordable food to prepare for your family. However, there are do's and don'ts when it comes to freezing, defrosting, handling and cooking chicken.

Are you a workaholic?

For most workaholics there is no such thing as a day off, or a good nights sleep. There is always something that needs to be done, something that just can't wait.

Stress-free holiday

The biggest cause of holiday stress is setting huge expectations for yourself and then failing to live up to them. An important way to combat this is to plan and get organized ahead of time.

Don't throw away the seeds!

Pumpkin seeds can be roasted, boiled, dehydrated and even microwaved. They make a healthy snack or a tasty addition to salads, soups, sautéed vegetables and baked goods.

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Medicine cabinet in need of a checkup?

When you first moved into your home, your medicine cabinet was probably the picture of good health: clean, organised, uncluttered. Fast forward a few years, and things have changed.

Read the label

Did you know that there are no regulations for safety testing on cosmetic products, and while some products may claim to be "natural" or "gentle" there really is no standard for these claims.

Colourful containers

Grow your own wheatgrass in colourful recycled cans on the kitchen counter or other sunny spot. Wheatgrass likes plenty of light, but not direct sunlight.

Too much processed food?

Do you really know what is in the processed food that you eat or serve to your family?

Herbal tea

A cup of herbal tea a day could very well keep the doctor away!

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What is BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol A) is found in polycarbonate plastics - used to make all sorts of household articles, including baby bottles.

Give your body some green

Greens are leaves which contain chlorophyll, and they are probably the most neglected food group in the entire supermarket. But yet it is these humble green warriors which make magic for our cells.

Natural remedy for sinus sufferers

Eighty-four percent of folks who flush their sinuses twice daily with a saline solution reported dramatic reductions in symptoms like congestion and sneezing within 72 hours.

Perform Heimlich Maneuver

The other day I almost choked on a peanut (seriously) and got quite frantic when I realised that no one at home knew how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. That peanut quickly got coughed out, but what about next time...?

Perform CPR on a child

Time is very important when dealing with an unconscious infant who is not breathing. Brain damage begins after only 4 minutes without oxygen, and death can occur as soon as 4 - 6 minutes later.

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Drink Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is touted as one of the healthiest drink on the market, with a whole host of benefits. Yet not many know the full benefits of drinking Rooibos tea:

Healthy medicine

Here's a nicer, cheaper alternative to commercial cough syrups, which may help you cope with a nagging cough.

Coffee good for you ?

Coffee has been blamed for everything from indigestion to cancer, but almost everything people think about coffee is wrong. It's actually one of the healthiest beverages we can consume.

Is your home poisonous?

The air we breathe leaves much to be desired. Sometimes just looking out your window at all the pollution may be enough to make you shun the outdoors.

Keep the dreaded flu at bay

It's the time of year again when colds and flu start making their annual appearance. Here are a few tips on reducing illnesses in your family by keeping the house as germ-free as can be.

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Benefits of tea tree oil

I have been using tea tree oil for personal and home use for about five years, and have discovered for myself the, cleansing, healing and antiseptic properties of this little-known oil.

Get rid of mould

Over the years I have found three natural ingredients that kill mould: Tea tree oil (an essential oil found in most health food stores), grapefruit seed extract and vinegar. There are pros and cons of each, but all three work. Vinegar is by far the cheapest.

Store veggies for longer

Buying fresh produce and meat from the grocery store is one challenge, but keeping it fresh is a whole other issue. We have all had unpleasant experiences in the past with expired foods or fruits and veggies simply gone bad, so how can we stop wasting food?

DIY makes you fit

It's a fact ... You can burn calories and get fit while performing do-it-yourself projects in and around the home. And put a power tool in your hand and you're really hot!

Fresh home

Have you ever noticed how the warm scent of a candle wafting through the air can be uplifting, energizing, or make you feel warm inside? Wonder no longer, study after study has shown that scents do affect your mood!

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Home remedies

You don't always need to use harmful chemicals in the home to sort out odors, stains and other problems. There are plenty of home remedy solutions ...

A healthy home

We're all trying to do 'our bit' for the planet, and here's how you can make a difference in your own home.

Reliable Medical Websites to Check Out

If you are in search of health-related advice, here are some reliable medical websites to check out.

How to Preserve Your Home Air Quality During COVID

With poor air quality, you could find yourself feeling unwell and struggling to enjoy yourself so read on to find out more about how you can improve your home’s air quality all year round.

Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

If you toss, turn, and have difficulty getting enough rest and feeling groggy the next morning, you should consider a few tips to sleep better at night.

7 Aura Cleansing Techniques To Remove Bad Energy From Your Body

Here are a few techniques to help you position your body, mind, and energy to its perfect condition.

Helpful Tips for Giving Up Alcohol

The following tips can help you or a loved one in their quest to give up alcohol.

Get World Class Dentistry in Cape Town

Cape Town Dentistry is increasingly becoming part of medical tourism for people seeking affordable dental services.

Health Benefits of Drinking a Cup Coffee in the Morning

Here are some of the various benefits of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

5 Effects Hair Relaxers Can Have on Your Health

Recent studies show rising concern as to the safety of hair relaxers and their affect on personal health.

Cause Or Correlation? Debunking The Myths Behind Blackouts And Cognition

Emergent studies have revealed that our brains are more susceptible to blackouts from substances such as alcohol and drugs compared to others

Why you should learn more about a smart scale through reading reviews

If you are looking for smart scales to ensure you stay on top of your fitness goals, read on.

The Stages of Intermittent Fasting Towards Wellness and Weight Loss

In this article, we look at the wonders of intermittent fasting and its different stages.

CBD Pre-roll - Changing The Game For Smokers

CBD Pre-Roll is a popular nowadays and Google trends revealed that it is more searched for than nicotine and cigarettes.

Blood Sugar and Why It Is Important to Your Health

Having a balanced level of blood sugar in the body gives you a healthy brain, balanced moods, and stable energy levels.

What is vape? The harm and benefits of an electronic cigarette

There are more advantages, but a considerable amount of negativity from numerous media, TV channels, publications affects the reputation of vaping in general.

How to Have a Healthier Cup of Coffee

In this article, we look at what you need to know about consuming caffeinated beverages like coffee in a safe and healthy way.

Benefits Of Ashtanga Yoga

If you are thinking of starting Ashtanga yoga, below are 7 benefits you will get from practicing it.

Debunking The Common Myths Surrounding Bodybuilding and Supplements

We look at some of the common myths surrounding bodybuilding and supplements and how they are debunked.

How Can CBD Change Your Life?

CBD oil and other products are effective in bringing a relaxing effect on the body and we look at more benefits.

Hemp Oil Uses and Benefits

Since there is little or no risk of intoxication from the hemp oil as it comes from food-grain strain, it is widely used as a remedy for physical as well as mental ailments.

7 Quick Solutions For Dandruff

Learn what remedies have antifungal ingredients that can help you eliminate itchy white flakes once and for all.

Maintaining a Beauty Routine While Spending Long Hours at Work

If you are working long hours at home or at the office, here are some ways to simplify and streamline your beauty routine so you will have no problem maintaining it.

Death Positive Movement?

The death positive movement focuses on addressing death and embracing it as the inevitable end that comes for us all.

How to Get the Best Results with Natural Appetite Suppressants

Use the following tips to guide when using natural suppressants correctly to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

How Do Fat Burning Pills Work for Weight Loss?

Below are the 3 main types of fat-burning pills and how they help you lose weight.

What Are Exogenous Ketones and How Do They Work?

In this article, you will learn what exogenous ketones are and how they work.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Weight Loss Pills

To effectively select befitting weight loss pills, take into consideration the below five factors.

How To Get The Best Results With Using Diet Pills to Lose Weight

When you take the best diet pill to lose weight, you will achieve your weight goals faster.

Self-Hatred: Why We Hate Ourselves and How to Stop It

Self-hatred can feel like having someone that constantly bullies you and finds fault in everything you do. Find out why it occurs and how to stop self-hatred.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Creating A Perfect Body Skincare Routine

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your face because, after all, skincare should be applied from head to toe.

How to DIY Vape Juice at Home

It is surprisingly easy to make vape juice at home, but you will need some equipment and ingredients.

5 Steps To Take If You Experience Sexual Harassment

Whether you've experienced sexual harassment or not, you can always advocate for safer spaces against this violence towards all genders in the community.


The Citrus Diet: Is It an Effective Weight Loss Method?

Curious about whether the citrus diet will help you lose weight fast? Here is why you should not try this restrictive diet, and what you should do instead.

How Do Meal Replacement Drinks Work for Weight Loss?

Read today’s article and understand the essentials about meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

5 Things To Look For In The Best Testosterone Booster Brands

There are many testosterone boosters in the market and it may be very confusing deciding which the best one to use is.

How to Find Honest Reviews of Health Supplements

How can people tell which health supplements are the best for them when there are so many in the industry and so many on the shelves in stores?

Solving Your Relationship Issues Without Breaking Up

Here are ways you can solve your relationship problem without causing a breakup.

5 Things to Look For in the Best Appetite Suppressants

If you are searching for an answer for the best appetite suppressants, you are in the right place.

Six Best Beard Oils For Men

There is a common need that everyone with a beard wants to meet which means finding the very best beard oil.

How to Overcome Procrastination

In this article, we will talk about how to overcome procrastination.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Fat Burning Supplements Online

With so many weight loss supplements on the market today, how do you know what makes a fat burner different from other weight loss supplements?

Top Medical Equipment For All Hospitals

Hospitals and clinics must be equipped for anything that may come through their doors and that is why it is critical to have essential medical equipment available at all times in order to provide complete care.

4 Ways To Improve Efficiency In Hospitals

Hospitals need to be efficient in serving the patients as soon as they come in as in many times there are emergencies that cannot be delayed because they can impact the health of an individual.

How Medicine Can Improve Your Health

Medicines are invented to treat diseases; some are made to improve one’s health and then there are medicines taken once a day and some may only be taken once in a while.

4 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Divorce

A happy divorce? It may seem impractical, but with the right amount of planning and commitment, you can have one.

When The Going Gets Tough, Entrepreneurs Can Thrive

Larry Soffer shares how he achieved the unthinkable, managing to grow his entertainment business during the pandemic.

Can Weight Loss Pills Help Burn Stubborn Stomach Fat?

We will look at the most crucial ingredients in weight loss pills that will effectively help you burn stomach fat and subsequently help you lose weight.

Benefits and Side Effects of Delta 8 Products

What are the benefits of delta 8 products, and are there any side effects to be aware of?

Top Reasons Why CBD Oil is Better Than Painkillers

A growing number of people look to buy CBD oil instead of painkillers.

The Definitive Guide to Buying Supplements for Muscle Growth

Below is a definitive guide on what you should be looking for, for effective muscle growth.

Comfortable Shoes to Wear while Working

Here are some insights on some of the top shoes for surgeons to use in operating rooms, but shoes that are also suitable for any field work or any physical activities that requires long hours.

6 Reasons to Consider a Phentermine Alternative

Phentermine, being a prescription drug, is hard to come by but alternatives exist as both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.


Lose the Fat, Keep the Skin: Maintain Firmness During Weight Loss

There are ways to prevent and even reduce the appearance of loose skin during weight loss.


Why Trusting in God's Plan is Essential for Success

Understanding that God has a plan for you has captivated us and been the source of much debate and discussion.


Equipment That You Need For Spa Business

There are a variety of tools and supplies that you'll need to create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for your clients.


Tips For Choosing Equipment For Your Spa

Here are some tips on how to choose the best equipment for your spa.


4 Powerful Effects of Practicing Meditation Every Day

Here are 4 powerful effects of practicing meditation every day.


3 Sun Protection Myths to Debunk This Summer

Below are three common sun protection myths that you should discard this summer.


The Science Behind Building Lean Muscle: A Guide for Women

Building lean muscle is different in women than men. It requires different exercise and nutrition. Read on to learn everything about it.


5 Healthy Ways to Cope When You’re Stressed

We offer 5 healthy ways to cope when you’re stressed and want to feel more at ease.


How to Overcome Negative Thinking

In this article, we hope to help by offering some advice on how to overcome negative thinking once and for all.


3 Surprising Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Lose Weight

There are many ways to practice mindfulness so it occurs more regularly in your life and becomes part of a daily routine.


How Sustainable Stud Earrings are Redefining Fashion Trends

With an increasing awareness of sustainability, a new movement called eco-chic has emerged, merging ethical values with aesthetic appeal.


Why You Should Consider Buying an Air Quality Monitor

The air quality in a home is not just numbers displayed on a screen but rather a complete approach to a better understanding of our environment.


Tips for Clearer Sight and Trendy Eyewear

Tips for Clearer Sight and Trendy Eyewear



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