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Get fit while you DIY

It's a fact ... You can burn calories and get fit while performing do-it-yourself projects in and around the home. And put a power tool in your hand and you're really hot!


Think about it ... Even the most simple do-it-yourself projects include plenty of exercise routines while you are working. Bending, stretching, flexing and - while we Divas don't like to work up too much of a sweat - there can be some hard work involved. The difference is that we don't notice it as much as we are working to see the results of our labour.

Most basic do-it-yourself projects in and around the home can burn up as many as 300 calories - and that's before you even get into using hand and power tools. Add a power tool to the project and you can easily raise the workout to 500 calories in an hour.

Even though today's power tools are fairly lightweight, you can compare them to using dumb bells. Train yourself to be right and left handed with your tools and you already have a balanced workout for the upper body.





Cutting your own timber or board involves the use of handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw - and now the serious calorie burning kicks in. Gentle pushing uses the abdominal muscles, so suck in that stomach and backside while you push - you're getting a workout without even knowing it!

The trick is to be aware of what you're doing and incorporate calisthenics* as you work:

Drilling - change hands to work both arms. Frequently stretch and flex between projects.

Sawing and Cutting - Pull in abdominal and buttocks while sawing and flex upper arms while pushing to saw and cut.

Sanding - Flex and relax upper arm muscles.

Painting - Stretch and flex while painting walls. Paint rollers are a great way to have a full upper body workout.

Planning - Don't forget that planning exercises your mind. Put your thinking cap on!

*Calisthenics are a form of organized exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements––performed without weights or equipment––that are intended to increase body strength and flexibility using the weight of one's own body for resistance. [Wikipedia]


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