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Easy Back Pain Relief At Work

Typical reasons behind the occurrence of back pain.


It does not matter whether the back pain is dull or sharp, it can make it difficult for us to concentrate on our task. Unfortunately, back pain is related to many common tasks performed by us every day including construction work, factory work, and nursing. This discomfort can also be aggravated by extensive routine work which we perform at our workplace. It is essential to comprehend the reason behind this pain and what can be done to stay away from it.

Typical reasons behind the occurrence of back pain:

Several factors can cause back pain at work, some of which have been mentioned below.

1. Force

In case we exert excessive force on our back, for example, moving or lifting heavy objects, can lead to back pain.

2. Inactivity

In case we are inactive at the desk, it can also result in back injury. Individuals who do not have a proper posture or sit in their office chair for the major part of the day often suffer from this condition.

3. Repetition

People who repeat certain movements, again and again, can likewise suffer from back discomfort.

Lifestyle Factors Resulting In Back Pain

Several unavoidable factors like obesity, aging, and improper physical condition can likewise result in back pain. Although it is not possible to control our age, we can try to maintain a healthy body weight which will reduce the stress on the back.

It is imperative for you to consume a healthy diet to minimize back pain and you must also ensure to ingest adequate vitamin D and calcium. All these nutrients will aid in preventing osteoporosis which happens to be a condition that can make your bones brittle and weak in the long run. They can also lead to bone fractures which can trigger back pain.

Make it a point to combine different aerobic workouts like walking and swimming along with those workouts which help to strengthen the abdomen plus the back muscles. These workouts which help to enhance your strength, as well as balance, will prevent you from falling and injuring the back. For this, you can go for weight-training workouts, yoga, and tai chi which will help you to get the job done.

Interestingly, most of the healthy adult persons will require a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic activity on a moderate scale every week or at least 70 minutes of strenuous aerobic activity during the same span of time. Otherwise, it would be a sensible idea to perform weight training for at least two days every week.

Besides these, try not to smoke while you are at work. Smoking will lead to the reduction of blood circulation to the lower spine that will trigger spinal disc degeneration while slowing down the healing process too. Back pain can also be caused by coughing related to smoking.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will talk about the different ways in which it would be possible to prevent back pain at work.

1. Focus on your posture

It is important to keep your weight balanced on both of your feet while you’re standing. Never slouch. Select a chair which will support the spinal curves and thus help you to maintain proper posture while sitting. Also, remember to adjust the chair’s height such that your feet can stay flat on the floor and your thighs remain parallel to the ground. Take out your cell phone or wallet from the back pocket while sitting to avoid putting excess pressure on your lower back.

2. Lift properly

While lifting anything, plan it out and do it slowly. Go near the object and verify its weight before lifting. In case it seems to be too heavy or too awkward, refrain from lifting it. In case you’re being asked by the grocery checker whether you like to get help to your vehicle, answer in the affirmative without making any hesitation.

Please the feet wide apart, and make your stomach muscles tight. This will help you to get a strong grip, and then you must consider lifting the object using your legs and not the back. But how is it possible to do that? For this, try bending at your knees rather than your waist. The reason for this is that your leg muscles are bigger and stronger as compared to your back muscles. Align your head with the back while lifting and not make any jerk or twist while doing so. Keep your toes pointed in the direction of your movement. After this, pivot. While moving, ensure to hold the object as close to your body as possible. This will help to reduce stress from the back.

While placing a kid in the car seat, try to squat and come close to the seat. In case your child is old enough, allow him to climb into the seat on his own. If you are a resident of Burlington, it will be advisable to opt for physiotherapy in Burlington for helping you reduce the backache and get back to your normal movements once more. Physiotherapists are known to use different types of treatments plus techniques to get the job done flawlessly.





3. Avoid performing repetitive tasks

While lifting any heavy load, take the help of lifting devices. Also, avoid performing physically demanding chores continually and do some less demanding jobs in between. In case you are at the computer desk, ensure that your mouse, keyboard and also the chair are properly positioned. If you are in the habit of typing while talking on the phone at the same time, position the phone on a speaker or you can also employ a headset. Do not make any unwanted twisting, bending, and reaching. Reduce the time spent in carrying heavy bags and, instead, try using rolling baggage.

4. Pay heed to your body

In case it is imperative for you to sit for a long period, it will be sensible to alter your position at frequent intervals. Also, take a stroll at regular intervals which will help to stretch your muscles and eliminate tension.

5. Change your footwear

Shoes which do not fit might lead to muscle strains in the legs, back, and also the neck. For example, high heels can make the alignment of the body deformed, thus resulting in lower back discomfort. Do not put on any shoes which are flat since they can put an additional strain in the back and the feet. In case a person struggles with persistent back pain, it will be sensible to wear those shoes which fit properly thus providing adequate support to the feet. You may also take the help of any foot specialist who can guide you on this matter.

It is a fact that back pain can ruin your day and also make you inefficient in the long run. Verify your work environment and try to address any situation which might enhance your back pain. Follow these simple steps mentioned above which will help you to get rid of your back pain at work once and for all.



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