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Five Ways of Keeping Asthma and Allergies at Bay

In this article are 5 ways that you could control allergy and asthma by checking the harmful air in your home.




Good ventilation is essential these days. It keeps the house or office clean and the combination heating and cooling units are compact and very efficacious. A good ventilation system will rid your home of all sorts of nasties, like air pollution, bacteria, and moisture.

You have clean air flowing into the home, essential for anyone who has allergies and asthma. Here are five ways that you could control allergy and asthma by checking the harmful air in your home.


PTAC will work wonders in controlling harmful airflow

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Avoid the triggers that cause asthma

Learn the triggers that cause asthma, and then avoid them at all costs. These could include allergens that are breathed in, and cold air. If anyone smokes in your home, ask them to please do it outside. If you smoke yourself, you should stop immediately.

Also, check what’s in your medicine cabinet. Some medications could be bad for your asthma, including some of the prescription drugs for controlling blood pressure. It’s best to check with your primary care physician.


Exercise is good for you, although it’s tough going

Everyone should try and get some exercise if they can. Having asthma, or if allergens are causing you to sneeze and have a blocked nose, can naturally make exercise more difficult. Try swimming in a heated pool (that’s probably the best exercise), or if you can, breathe in the warm air in a steam room or sauna at the gym.

Try using some drops of eucalyptus oil in the sauna or even in your bath. Inhaling that is great for unblocking the airways. Put some drops on your pillow too. This is great for asthma and for allergies.


When breathing in air could be harmful to you

Really cold air isn’t good for asthma or allergies. When it’s icy outside, but you must go out, wear a mask or a scarf that covers the nose and mouth. Cold, dry air is an irritant for anyone with asthmatic or allergic conditions. It would be wise to limit your exercising to a heated gym or even doing yoga at home where it’s warm.

During allergy seasons, your local air quality is very important for you. Most local TV stations will report on when the conditions in your area could be most irritating for you. For allergy, there are many excellent medications you can get without prescription.


Take medications regularly and have inhaler on hand

With asthma, even if you don’t have any symptoms, you must keep taking your medication that has been prescribed for you. It is a chronic illness and will be with you always, so even if it’s not playing up, be aware that it is there.

You must also learn how to use your inhaler properly. It would be a good idea to have your primary care provider check to see how you are using your inhaler. He or she may offer suggestions on how to use it in a different way, so the medication gets to the airways and is not a hit-and-miss affair.