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How to Preserve Your Home Air Quality

With poor air quality, you could find yourself feeling unwell and struggling to enjoy yourself so read on to find out more about how you can improve your home’s air quality all year round.



Air quality is important at all times, but it’s never more vital than when the world is in the midst of a pandemic.
As the Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, it’s crucial that you keep your home clean and hygienic, so that if someone does suffer, they are not hampered in their recovery by poor quality, dirty air. Also, clean air will help you to keep your lungs, and the lungs of those you love the most, healthy and give you all a greater chance of resisting this fatal virus.

Spending weeks inside your home can be a real challenge. With poor air quality, you could find yourself feeling unwell and struggling to enjoy yourself. Read on to find out more about how you can improve your home’s air quality all year round.


Clean Your Home Regularly

It might sound obvious, but the air will be cleaner in a clean property than it will be in one that is full of dirt and grime. Make sure that you clean your home more often during the pandemic, particularly the spaces that you use the most. Use a quality duster to gather up any dust and other debris that might be hanging around your home. Check areas that you often overlook, such as high surfaces and parts of your home that aren’t visited often, such as the loft or garage. Cleaning will not only improve your home’s air quality but also give you an enjoyable activity to keep yourself occupied with while you’re stuck in the house.


Change The Filters In Your AC Unit

If you have an AC unit, then you need to make sure that the filters are clean and functioning efficiently. Old, dirty air filters will blow dust and pollutants around your home, making it unsanitary and increasing your chances of spreading pathogens throughout your property. FilterBuy offers a wide range of filters with free U.S shipping, so you can quickly get replacements sent to your home if you need them. You can find more information here about their wide range of filters so that you can make sure your AC is functioning as well as it should be at this vital time.


Empty Your Vacuum Cleaner More Often

Much like your AC unit filters, a dirty or full vacuum cleaner can spread dirt and grime around your home. These particles will spread through the air, making it harder for you to breathe, particularly if you do contract a respiratory virus. Additionally, if your vacuum cleaner is full, then it won’t clean your home properly, which could leave dirt and virus particles hanging around in your home longer than they should be. Empty your vacuum cleaner after every use, so that you can rest assured that it’s always got enough space for new dirt and isn’t polluting your property.


Check That Your Extractor Fans Work Effectively

Most properties have extractor fans in their kitchens and bathrooms to remove smells and moisture from the air. Check every extractor fan in your home so that you know that they’re operating effectively. It’s very simple to check an extractor fan; simply place a piece of paper against the fan and switch it on. If the fan sucks the paper towards itself, then it is working properly. If it does not move the paper, or the suction appears very weak, then it might not be operating to its full capacity. Extractor fans can be hard to fix without professional equipment and expertise, so if you can’t have a professional come to your home during the lockdown, simply adapt around the lack of extractor fan. Open more windows when you use your bathroom or kitchen, and make sure that there is a natural flow of air through your property.


Consider Buying Houseplants

Keeping plants in your home can not only make it feel more cheerful and welcoming but also improve its air quality. Many garden centres have had to close because of the pandemic, but most offer online services, so you can have plants delivered directly to your door. Place plants strategically throughout your home in areas that have high air pollution, such as the kitchen and the rooms where your pets spend most of their time.


Install An Air Quality Monitor.

In some cases, there might be an underlying issue that is causing your home to have poor air quality, such as a poorly functioning appliance that is leaking carbon monoxide. Check your home’s air quality regularly, so that you’re able to deal with any small issues before they become potentially lethal calamities. To do this, install a monitor that will alert you of any serious fluctuations in your property’s air quality.

By making a few small changes, you can improve your home’s air quality and create a safe space for you and your family to shelter in place.