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Hemp Oil Uses & Benefits

Since there is little or no risk of intoxication from the hemp oil as it comes from food-grain strain, it is widely used as a remedy for physical as well as mental ailments.





Hemp oil is often confused with CBD since both the oils come from the Cannabis Sativa plants. Nevertheless, contrary to popular misinformation, the two oils differ from each other considerably.While CBD oil is made using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant, hemp oil is extracted by cold-pressing the hemp seeds.

Since the hemp oil comes from food-grain strain, there is little or no risk of intoxication and hence it is widely used as a remedy for physical as well as mental ailments. For more details you can visit Leaf Nation website.


Given below are the various uses and benefits that hemp oil offers.


1.Skin Health

Hemp seeds are a good source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids. They have about a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which is considered in the optimal range. The vitamins and fatty acids of the hemp oil keep the skin healthy and prevent breakouts. The fatty acids in the oil act as a nourishing agent and help reduce the signs of aging including inflammation and oxidation. Various researches state that omega-3s and omega-6s present in the hemp oil helps to fight a number of skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc. When used in skincare products, it contributes to stronger skin that is more resistant to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.



2. Cardiovascular Health

According to a report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. The problem is getting serious with each passing year. Interestingly, hemp seeds do wonder in reducing the problem of cardiovascular diseases. The seeds contain high amounts of amino acid arginine, which produces nitric oxide in your body. Nitric Oxide is a gas molecule that makes your blood vessels dilate and relax, leading to lowered blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease. The gamma-linolenic acid found in hemp seeds also reduces inflammation, which decreases the risk of heart disease.



3. Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopause

More than 75% of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) during their reproductive years. It is most likely caused by sensitivity to the hormone prolactin. Hemp seeds contain a fatty substance, Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), that produces prostaglandin E1, which helps in reducing the effects of prolactin thereby lessening the effect of PMS. It curbs problems such as breast soreness, depression, irritability, and fluid retention associated with PMS. Studies show that taking 1 gram of essential fatty acids per day that include 210 mg of GLA resulted in a significant decrease in symptoms. The high GLA content of the hemp seed is also proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of menopause in elderly women. It regulates the hormone imbalances and inflammation associated with menopause.


4. Digestion

Fiber is considered to be one of the most essential components of the diet and is linked to better digestive health. Hemp seeds have a good percentage of fiber that eases and ensures smooth digestion. Three tablespoons of hemp oil contain approximately 1.2 grams of fiber. A good fiber intake helps with weight management and stabilizes blood sugar levels that promotes the health of the gut. The soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance in the gut that regulates cholesterol levels and aids good digestive bacteria and the insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool and may help food and waste pass through the gut. It has also been linked to a reduced risk of diabetes.



5. Mental Health

The fatty acid content of hemp oil is considered excellent for the brain, since the brain requires plenty of healthful fats to operate properly. The oil is also rich in other compounds that may help protect the brain. Cannabinoids found in hemp seed oil interacts with Adenosine and Serotonin receptors in the brain. While adenosine receptors play a large role in governing how you experience anxiety, the serotonin receptors are related to depression. The adenosine receptors help to curb anxiety; hence, if they are active, your anxiety level will be low. In case of any anxiety disorders, these receptors stop functioning or slow down which makes you anxious. The same is the case with serotonin receptors. Hemp seed oil keep both the receptors functional thereby reducing anxiety and depression.


6. Hair Growth

Hemp oil contains lipids that improve the growth and shine of the hair. It prevents hair fall by suppressing inflammation that lends strength to the fragile strands. Hair fall is also linked to the high level of cortisol and hemp oil helps to reduce it. It is also believed to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, which further helps in hair growth. The hemp oil is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 that helps in combating other hair-related problems such as dandruff, dryness, and itchiness. It even helps to cure hair psoriasis.


7. Weight Loss

Hemp seed oil is proven to reduce food intake and improve metabolism that greatly helps in shedding excess pounds. It does so by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in lymphoid tissue and the brain. These receptors play an important role in increasing metabolism and reducing food intake. Sugar craving is one of the toughest hurdles in the journey of weight loss and hemp oil greatly helps in curbing it. The fiber in hemp seeds enhances satiety and in turn, helps to lose pounds.



Therefore, we see that hemp oil offers several benefits but it must be consumed with due consideration. It is safe when used in a moderate amount. People with sensitive stomachs should start with small amounts and gradually progress as the body adapts to hemp oil consumption. You should also be careful about overcooking the hemp oil as it releases harmful noxious peroxides when overcooked. It may also interact with certain medications; hence, it is very important to consult your doctor regarding hemp oil consumption if you are taking any medicines. In order to ensure maximum benefits, you must use hemp oil correctly.