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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

You might have heard the saying ‘breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day’ and it couldn’t be truer!




A good breakfast is a perfect way to give your body what it needs to kick start your metabolism. Here are some of our favourite healthy breakfast recipes to give you lots of energy to help you start your day feeling fantastic!


Eggs Eggs Everywhere

Not only are eggs really high in protein they are very filling. If you seem to have sugar cravings in the day, try having some eggs for breakfast. There are so many options when it comes to preparing them, here are two yummy ideas!

Boiled Egg with vegemite soldiers. This is a favourite breakfast, not only is it quick to prepare but is fun to eat. All you need to do is soft boil a few eggs, while these are cooking, toast a slice or two of sourdough bread. Give your toast a quick spread of vegemite and cut into 6-8 rectangles. When your egg is ready, pop it in an egg cup and knock off the top. Use your dippers to get into that lovely soft yolk.







Omelettes are perfect for using up what you have in the fridge. A favourite is mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, and feta but you can add anything you might have laying around. An omelette only takes a few minutes which is perfect for a quick breakfast. A Baked western omelette only takes a few minutes which is perfect for a quick breakfast. Try serving it with some avocado and chili to really amp up the flavours.









Don't Deny The Bacon

If you love something, don't give it up, find a way to work around it. All commercially made bacon contains sodium nitrite and a large amount of saturated fat. Try producing it yourself at home or you can find a local butcher who can do it for you.


Super Smoothies

If you're not used to having breakfast this is a great way to ease yourself into it. And all the good stuff in this smoothie will keep you energised and feeling full until lunchtime. You can also pop ingredients in a snap lock bag and keep them in the freezer for when you're in a rush!

If your morning are ultra-busy, you can prep your smoothie the day/night before. That way all you need to do is whizz it up before you need to eat. If you need to leave home early, smoothies are a perfect meal as you can throw it in your bag for later.

Another really great reason to include smoothies into your breakfast routines is the incredible variation you can make. From tropical fruits to all green veggies and even indulgent chocolate and peanut butter ones, the choices are endless.

Some of our favourites include the chocolate banana oatmeal smoothie and the pineapple coconut smoothie bowl.







Coconut Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Coconut yogurt is a perfect alternative to yogurt. If you want to try something different or have trouble with dairy this is perfect for you. You can pick it up from most supermarkets as well as health food shops or make it yourself at home.

It is perfect with fresh fruit, homemade granola, and honey. Otherwise pair it with some nuts, seeds and goji berries for a superfood start to the day!

Some of our favourite seeds and nuts include almonds, sunflower seeds, and linseed. This blend otherwise known as LSA can help with your digestive system, skin, liver and immune system. It is also rich in essential fatty acids and full of fibre.


Oats with Fresh Fruit & Berries

Oatmeal for breakfast is incredibly good for you, with a good dose of fibre, and, some important minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and more!

Berries and oats are always a good combo, but go ahead and switch in any other seasonal fruits that you enjoy. If you're looking for something a little more exciting with your oats try baked oats bars, they are perfect for a busy morning. A delicious flavour is baked apple pie, they only take an hour and you will be prepped for a whole week worth of breakfasts.







Chia Seed Pudding

The ancient grain, chia seed has been consumed for centuries, dating right back to the Aztecs and the Mayans. These seeds are high in essential fatty acids, amino acids as well as micronutrients

You can make a yummy chia seed pudding by mixing any liquid of you fancy with the seeds. Nut milk, coconut milk, and fresh juice are some delicious options. Try adding some ingredients like vanilla, orange zest, stewed apples, sliced banana, cinnamon or nuts.

You only need to add 3 cups of liquid for every half cup of chia seeds. Give the mixture a stir and leave for at least 10 – 15 minutes, overnight is best if you have the time!

You will notice your seeds starting to swell and become jelly-like consistency. This chia pudding lasts well in the fridge, so it is perfect to make ahead of time and have at any time of the day. A favourite recipe is the key lime pie chia seed pudding


So as you can see it is easy start your day off with a good healthy meal. With just a little bit of forward thinking and awareness, you can easily create a repertoire of healthy go to breakfast recipes you will love to eat.





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