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Have you heard about Weighted Blankets?

There's a lot of buzz at the moment about weighted blankets and how they can reduce stress while promoting a good night's sleep.


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If you haven't yet heard about weighted blankets, you're not alone. I stumbled across an article for weighted blankets and wanted to do a little more research to find out what these are all about. First off, weighted blankets have been around for a few years and aren't something new. In fact, there is a lot of buzz going around right now about how weighted blankets are great for adults and children who don't sleep well due to stress and anxiety.



According to Psychology Today, the theory behind weighted blankets is that they provide deep-pressure stimulation while you sleep and this helps with anxiety and stress. As a workaholic, my brain has a problem with switching off and I find that at bedtime it tends to kick up an extra gear rather than go into relax mode. One method that worked great for me, even before I heard of weighted blankets, was to add a wool comforter over the top of the bed. I discovered that the extra weight helped me sleep better. Based on this, I have a basic understanding of how a weighted blanket would work.

What's inside a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket can be filled with heavy-weight batting, poly beads or a combination of both. The theory behind a weighted blanket is that the weight stimulates deep pressure touch, that causes the body to produce seratonin and endorphins to help relax the body. Think of it like a giant hug that makes you feel comforted.



Does a weighted blanket work?

You can Google this topic until the cows come home and you will find plenty that says they do, and those that say they don't. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try. There's one thing for sure, weighted blankets have become a hot topic and they are trending around the world.





Can you buy a weighted blanket in South Africa?

Yes, you can. There are quite a few companies that supply weighted blankets here in South Africa, but if you don't want to fork out for an expensive alternative, try using a heavy blanket that you may already have and see if this offers a solution. With  medical professionals around the world agreeing that deep pressure stimulation helps relax and soothe the human body, it might be worth looking at.



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