6 Reasons to Consider a Phentermine Alternative

Phentermine, being a prescription drug, is hard to come by but alternatives exist as both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.





When a doctor recommends phentermine or any other drug, you will likely agree and get the recommended dosage. Without thinking twice, you will take the dosage, and with no visible red flags or results, you will likely continue. You might even recommend the same to a friend or relative since that works for you.

But, have you ever asked yourself if that was the best medication for you? What are the side effects after consuming it? Before walking blindly into your early grave, you should always ask these questions of yourself. Some might not affect you negatively, and you should not put all drugs in the same basket. Phentermine, being a prescription drug, is hard to come by. However, alternatives exist as both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Nevertheless, why would you try a phentermine substitute?


1) Side Effects

When a drug puts you at an even greater risk of contracting certain conditions, you must avoid it like the plague. Phentermine increases the chances of developing insomnia, kidney-related diseases, and hypokalemia. It also has major side effects, such as heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, and vomiting. These side effects limit your use of automobiles, machines, and even at times, interaction. Pain-related side effects affect your concentration, affecting your work or results. It should also not be administered if you have diabetes, depression, or glaucoma. Nursing and pregnant mums should also avoid it. They are forced to look for safer options.


2) Cost

The amount of money needed to purchase this medication can set you off. The drug is given as a 14-day dosage without funds, which is not convenient. You should also see a doctor before a refill, which means you pay consultation fees and raise more drug money. To ensure the drugs do not affect you negatively, the doctor recommends regular testing, which does not come cheap. It also comes with preset conditions such as dieting, workouts, and a complete lifestyle overhaul. These changes and subscriptions might be costly to keep up with, especially when you must make adjustments after each doctor’s visit.


3) Ingredients and Interactions

The components used to make the drug might not be what you want. Some counter-reactions to medication you are currently taking are never good. Others endanger babies who are now nursing or unborn. If you are hypertensive or epileptic, you should avoid these drugs. If you are sensitive and are likely to get an allergic reaction after consuming the pills, you should not take them. Tell your physician about your allergies first to help you avoid complications. It is recommended to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks while consuming the drug.


4) Effectiveness

The drug might not work for you because it has been used for weight loss. When you finish the first dosage, see a doctor for an update. Many notice the visible changes after three months, and you should give yourself time before trying something new. The body can build resistance to these ingredients when you make abrupt changes, which ruins your goals. Consume this drug for one year and swap it if the results are not to your liking. You should note that the drug works effectively when you watch what you eat, hydrate, and exercise. Failure to adhere to these routines might affect its performance.


5) Availability

You cannot get phentermine pills or even refills without a valid prescription. That might not work for you if you are tackling a busy schedule and have no time to spare to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment. Some people want medication they can easily pick over the counter or ship to their doorstep. To some, the weight loss journey is a secretive affair, and some would rather avoid records at the doctor. Many are afraid to admit they are struggling with their weight, while others try to make their weight loss a surprise to their relatives. Others are afraid to have reports of their cards or insurance claims revealed to spouses, children, or colleagues who have access to their data.


6) Effective Alternatives

In today’s market, you can easily find weight loss medications that do not contain phentermine and are even more effective. The alternatives contain concentrated capsaicinoids, organic formulas, green tea, Garcinia Cambogia, vitamins, and minerals. This helps improve the quality of life wholesomely. Some do not come with limitations on who should consume, making them an ideal option for all. Some work faster than phentermine, saving you the agony of waiting over three months for visible results.