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Can this Plant Stop you from Snoring?

There is a story blowing up on the Web that the Pineapple Plant stops snoring, but before you rush out and buy a pineapple plant read on...


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We all know how the Internet can blow things out of proportion. What starts as a rumour very quickly becomes fact. One such story is that the pineapple plant will stop you from snoring, but this is not the case. Let's go back to the 80s, to a time when NASA was undertaking studies to investigate how certain plants purify the air. Sound familiar?

Stories abound on how you can use plants to purify the air in a home and while they do absorb a small amount of VOCs, they only absorb a miniscule amount. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with using indoor houseplants to refresh the air in a room. The plants themselves offer a touch of greenery that instantly refreshes a space, but don't think they can replace air fresheners.






Now the Web is running amuck with the fact that NASA scientists claim that the pineapple plant can be used to stop you snoring. This is another one of those stories that has been blown completely out of proportion and sensationalised for a bit of extra news.

Researchers says that it is impossible for a single plant to have any effect on snoring, even if you filled the entire room with pineapple plants. The rumour that is spreading is based on the fact that the pineapple plant releases oxygen at night, which is true. But it doesn't product a significant amount that can relieve snoring sufferers. So don't go to any trouble to find one of these plants in the hope that it will relieve your snoring problem!





Did You Know?

Pineapple plants are grown in South Africa for local consumption and export around the world. Fruit from a pineapple can take up to 2 years before producing fruit, and it produces over 200 flowers in an effort to achieve a single fruit.

South African pineapples flower within 18 to 24 months of planting and the fruit takes around five months to mature. After producing a single fruit, the mother plant notdoes produce any more fruit.


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