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Make a Change for Good Health

It's a new year, and what better time to set aside some time for yourself; to relax in a spa experience or set up space for more activities that increase good health.


With the rush of the holidays past and a new year already on the go, what better time to set aside some time for yourself; to relax body and mind with a spa experience, or set up space for more activities that increase good health.






Pamper Yourself

Everyone needs some time to themselves and setting up the bathroom for a spa experience lets you cocoon yourself and de-stress - to relax away your cares. Dressing up the bathroom won't take long and you will want to add items that let you use as many senses as possible; candles for scents and mood, bubble bath or bath salts to ease away your aches and pains, and colours that take your mind away to a calm and soothing place.

Plan a weekly or monthly date where you can set aside enough time to pamper yourself. If you have young kids, rope in someone to help look after them while you take the time you need to de-stress and relax.

Treat yourself to body treatments that make you feel good all over. Stock up on your favourite pampering essentials like a face mask, scented body oils and creams, or pamper your feet with a warm soak and a pedicure. It's all about pampering yourself for an experience that makes you feel good all over.



Heal Your Body

Just like you need a time-out for your soul, so you need to find time to give your body a healthy workout that leaves you refreshed and energised.

We all spend so much time running around, fighting with morning and evening traffic, rushing to meetings, trying to stay on top of everything, that we tend to forget that our body needs to relax and recover.

Setting aside a small work-out space where you can stretch your body is easy if you use items that you already have. You don't always need a home gym to refresh your body; you can use the furniture in your living room to give yourself a relaxing workout. Thin furniture that is lightweight and easy to move around.






An ottoman or pouffe is the perfect accessory for stretching your body, and you can include a towel if you want to add resistance to your routine. All you need is enough space for the session, so move stuff around until you have space. Make a regular date for a workout by setting the scene with scented candles, soft or upbeat music and let yourself get lost in healing your body.

You don't need a lot of stuff to start a regular routine with a morning or evening workout, just a few essentials that can be easily stored out of sight when not in use. Taking all this into consideration, there are no excuses for not treating your body, mind and soul to a healthy workout - and making a change to your lifestyle for good health.