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Everything You Need to Know About Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis for medicinal or recreational use is an exciting venture if done correctly.


Growing Cannabis is an exciting venture irrespective of whether you need to use it medicinally or as a recreational activity. Sowing your seeds, then later harvesting them with your own hands, would offer you satisfaction.

Before starting this grand venture, it is essential to understand a few facts that will ensure you achieve the best results come harvest time.

Understanding cannabis

It is essential to understand the cannabis plant and you do not need an expert opinion to begin growing the herb. You only need to understand the plants' life cycle, structure, and basic nutritional requirements to sustain the plants.

The amount of power required

Having understood the cannabis plant, you need to evaluate the amount of power necessary to run your plants; it mainly applies to indoor growers. Keep in mind that cannabis plants require a minimum of up to 18 hours of light per day, and to run a thriving indoor plantation, you will need quality light, between 400W and 600W of grow lights, to sustain the plants. Other than the lighting, you need to power other electrical components such as extractors, fans, and other equipment. Consider this factor since some households experience power overload since most residential homes are limited to 1500W of power.

Light basics

There are numerous grow lights available that you can select, and the most popular lights include fluorescent lights, LED grow lights, compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium grow lights. As stated in the buying guide at Grow Light Info, comparing grow lights according to its features will help you eliminate the useless ones and eventually narrow down your choices to the best options. Therefore, before choosing one, conduct proper research and make sure to have informed knowledge about each product to find which best suits you best.

The basic costs

Let’s not beat about the bush; sustaining a cannabis plantation requires money, and depending on the nature of your professionalism in growing the plants, you will need to invest in expensive gear before you begin. The type of equipment required to grow weed indoors varied depending on the size of the plantation and your skills as the grower. Most indoor farms require air filters, ventilators, a timer, pH meter, light, a tent, air filter, among other gadgets.

Purchasing the equipment and sustaining the project will take a toll on your pocket, but most of the material is reusable; therefore, you will have high returns after a few harvests.

The different growing techniques

Keep in mind that Cannabis can be sustained using different techniques; therefore, before you begin the project, study the various growing methods, then pick a suitable one based on your budget and level of skill. The most appropriate way of growing weed is through the soil. In doing so, you can add nutrients to the earth than the plant absorbs through the roots. You can supply the nutrients through natural alternatives such as the compost manure or store-bought nutrients.

Some growers prefer using mediums other than soil, such as water, misted air, or coco coir. It is up to you to study and decide on the excellent technique to employ.

The appropriate grow space

You can either grow the weed indoors or outdoors, but keep in mind that both venues have their pros and cons. Growing outdoors would minimize your costs, since you would harness natural light from the sun; therefore, you won't have to purchase the grow light. However, growing Cannabis outdoors exposes the plants and attracts unnecessary attention that may cause you problems in a case where you live in a region that bans growing Cannabis. Growing the plants indoors minimizes exposure, but the cost of maintaining the equipment would be a burden.

Signs of pests and nutrient deficiency

Cannabis is susceptible to diseases, pests, and the plant has elaborate water, light, and nutrient requirements. Failure to meet the needs results in poor quality and the size of your harvest. Learn to identify signs of pest infestation, nutrient deficiency, and disease before starting this great journey.

Know the plant nutrients

Three nutrients are essential for cannabis growth; phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. The plant can also benefit from the added nutrients such as boron, copper, calcium, sulfur, manganese, and magnesium. You need to know the right proportions that are vital to the growth of weed for a bountiful harvest.

The right cannabis strain

There are numerous cannabis strains in the world; hence, before you begin growing, it would be necessary to research on the different strains and select one that best suits your skills and develop space. The different strains would affect the plant morphology and the buds, therefore, ensure that you read the various strains that are available on the strain database, then select one that suits your skills, smoking preference, and growing space.

There you have it, you now know the basics that are essential to growing your own Cannabis. As earlier stated, you can grow weed in your preferred location and having followed the few requirements, rest assured that you are in for a bountiful harvest. Given that you are up to speed, this is your time to purchase the seeds and start planting!