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Can You Make Sinful Treats Healthier?

Find out how you can make your favorite sinful treats healthier.


When your health is your top priority, you have to factor in many lifestyle changes. Giving up on fattening and sinful treats, although hard to do, is often a must so one can remain fit and healthy at all times. However, many people believe that the best way is to cut off desserts completely. On the contrary, you can easily have your favorite desserts if you play it safe and smart.

Most desserts have fattening and unhealthy ingredients, which is why they taste so good. However, with a few ingredient swaps, you can easily satisfy your sweet tooth and stay healthy. Read on below to find out how you can make your favorite sinful treats healthier.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s hard not enjoying a heavenly scoop of ice cream during a hot summer’ day, or even sharing a delicious spoonful of ice cream with your friends during a weekly girls’ night. Rest assured, you can still have ice cream if you make it at home. Based on ice cream reviews and dessert-making guides found on Dream Scoops, you can easily prepare your own ice cream if you get the right ice cream maker and if you understand the importance of certain ingredients. Using fresh fruits is also recommended to make the tastiest of ice creams. You can make mango ice cream for a tropical twist, or even make some banana-chocolate or banana-peanut butter ice cream.

Go for Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has always been a staple of desserts; it’s even the go-to treat anyone loves to have. Because of the added calories, many people tend to avoid chocolate. You’d be pleased to know that you can have it anytime you want if you choose to go for dark chocolate instead. You can easily make your favorite desserts like chocolate truffles, brownies, or even pudding using dark chocolate and a little bit of cocoa powder. You can also make chocolate bark with nuts and dark chocolate and enjoy a delicious treat.

Opt for Almond Butter

Instead of using actual butter, consider using almond butter instead. It’s nutty, creamy, and just as tasty. You can make any type of dessert with almond butter and you’ll feel much better that you’re consuming your favorite treats with fewer calories. Consider making cookies, fudge bars, smoothies, chocolate covered balls, blondies, and even muffins. Once you get the hang of using almond butter in your desserts, you won’t feel deprived any longer.

Swap Flour Options

Using flour can also be a factor in ruining your diet. Luckily, there are a bunch of flour options you can use to enhance the flavor of your desserts while sticking to your health plan as well. You can use coconut flour or almond flour for your desserts; some people even use whole-wheat flour as well. Whether you make cakes, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes, you can easily swap out normal flour for any of the aforementioned healthier varieties.

Make Your Own Energy Balls

Sometimes all one really needs is a boost of energy. While most desserts can cause a midday crash due to the amount of sugar they have, you can opt to make your own energy balls for that much-needed energy kick. You can swap out any unhealthy ingredient and make it using peanut butter instead. You can also opt for ground flaxseed, chickpeas, and maple syrup or honey instead of sugar. You can also make peanut butter energy fudge bars instead of actual fudge. This will give you a much-needed energy boost without the added calories.

Use Oats

Oats are ingenious when used in desserts. You can easily make your favorite pies if you swap out the fattening crust and make an oatmeal crust instead. You can make your favorite apple pie or even strawberry crumble using oatmeal instead of flour. You can also make your own yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and oatmeal. Using fruit and oatmeal together will make a delicious and tasty dessert enough to start your day right.

Everyone has a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied every now and then and everyone loves to fulfill a sweet craving. However, when you’re watching your weight and trying to remain healthier, it can get a little tricky. Luckily, creating dessert options that will satisfy your sweet craving while maintaining your weight isn’t that difficult to do. Based on the suggestions above, you can easily create tasty and healthier options for your most favorite and sinful treats. All you need to do is swap out some ingredients, and you’re good to go.